Unusual, Funny Cues for Common Tricks


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What are the funniest tricks (cues) you've heard? "Bang" with a gun hand signal is super cute for boring old "play dead," for example. I'm trying to think of funny cues for 1)howl 2)back up 3)beg 4)"are you shy" (hiding nose/eye), etc. What are the funniest/cutest cues/tricks you've seen?


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1)howl: Sing?
2)back up: Scoot, excuse me, pardon, move it
3)beg: not sure.. all ive heard is beg and sit pretty
4)"are you shy" (hiding nose/eye): shame!, bad dog!, also asking the dog a silly question


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Oh i love this kinda stuff, adding HUMOR into dog tricks!!

Mine, learned to shake his head "no". The video is on my page. Overtime, i'll probably have to come up with a new question.

Tx_cowgirl, explained some tricks she used cute cues for.......had me in stitches!!! She'd taught her dog to lift his leg on cue. Also taught her dog to shake his head no.
so she would ask her dog if he was a boy dog, he shakes his head no!!
And she'd ask her dog, "What do boy dogs do?" and he'd lift his leg!

For sing, i ask Buddy if he'll sing the blues? He howls for that. A heartwrenching, chin WAY up, standing on his toe-tips, howl, oh he really belts it out..... Unfortunately, Buddy won't sing acapella, and has to have music as well. So if i ask him to sing the blues, he just goes to stand by the speakers to wait for his song.....he actually stares at the speaker, with his nose touching it...waiting, staring at it..... like a crazy frozen dog statue...

he wont' start singing without it.:dognowink:
ADorabley, he does his best howls when his 'daddy' is out of town. It is almost enuff to choke you up, lotta soulful howling going on from Buddy that night....

For speak, i say, "Wanna beer?"

For beg, i say, "Wanna girlfriend?"

(my dog is getting all corrupted):msngiggle:


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Howl--"Fido likes country music." (use hand signal for cue, maybe. Really cute if you have a hound breed, since they have a throaty, deep bay...like a country singer crooning, lol!)
Back up--No creative ideas here...have to think about that one for a while. ^^
Beg--Stick 'em up!(beg with both paws in the air), Who wants treats?
Are you shy?--HIDE!, TAKE COVER!, Gotta headache?

Other cute/funny tricks...haha, thanks Tigerlily!
-Leg hiking(What do boy dogs do? What do bad dogs do? What do you think of [insert least favorite sports team or political figure here]? Haha...a training funny here...WHAT DO YOU THINK OF CESAR MILAN?)
-Shaking head no(You could use this for all kinds of funny questions...do you like[least favorite sports team, political figure, etc)? Do you want a bath? Do you like cats? And so on.)
-Shaking head yes (Do you want treats? Do you like [fave sports team, etc]? Are you a good dog?)
-Want a tummy rub? (roll over on back)
Also have heard "What do the girls at [insert least favorite university here] do?" [What do the girls at UCLA do?] For the same one, rolling over on their back.


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fickla;22500 said:
for beg I've heard "prarie dog"
for shy I've done "shame on you!"
for back up I've heard "break it down" on a small dog with major wiggle but while backing.
I really like the prarie dog command for beg, very creative, I might try that one out with River!


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I use "Is it scary?" for a paw over the face.

I use "zombie" for standing on hind legs.

I use "'ounce" for jumping on the spot.

For backing up I use "back", and for crawling backwards it's "B-B".

I used "speak" for barking in the past, but haven't talk howling as yet.


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Back- I use scoot-your-booty in a very slurred way so it's kind of like scoot-chur-booty.
Beg- "Are you a begger?"
Place- Chill out
Recall in the house- "What are you doing?!" <-The dogs really respond to this even though it's usually directed towards the humans. :doglaugh:

I wish I could think of more.


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Some unusual commands/names I use are:

Back up - Shove-butt (I actually taught this to my chickens and my kelpie picked it up from watching them!!)
Recall from a distance (on the farm) - Oi!! (typical Australian laziness!!)
Recall when I can't see her - Where Are You? (She'll run into view, make sure I've seen her then go back to what she was doing. I use this when I only want to make sure she is still near)


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for rolling on their back i taught storm 'show me nuts' (cant really use it on girls though lol) koda i taught 'roadkill' -- koda what does roadkill look like?
beg-- 'whats a good dog do?'
barking up ' who let the dogs out' (if you sing the song storm barks up) and koda sings to 'how much is that doggy in the window' didnt know she done that till my 5 year old nephew sang it infront of me lol, he taught her that trick somehow
backing up-- move fatty


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For get out's, I go "ZOMBIES!" and she takes off. then I say "they're gone" for her to come, then keep doing it. haha.

for beg I use "what's the boy doing for you?"
for barking we "propose arguments" with each other like "mommy's gonna get this treat and you're notttt"
back up i use "where's the pest"


was thinking of making tricks for stuff that ppl would do anyway unaware that it is a trigger word.

eg> perform an action of ppl burp or sneeze/ yawn

My 6month old short hair Border collie Akamaru speaks on cue from verbal command everytime same as just from a sock puppet jesture fingers and thumb in an opening and shut motion...

lol or i say (greet) if appropriate audience thinks its funny for puppy to go to whatever or who ever you point at and the dog will mount and thrust. ha.

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I was going to suggest the beep beep for backing up as well!! Riley crosses her paws to "be a lady" and for crossing her paw over her face the cue we are working on is "boo" so she will look scared! Lol I have a friend that had a dog and she taught him "that's stolen" and "paid for" for leave it and take it! I think that is soooo cute!!


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I had taught Buddy to shake his head no to a politcal question, but now that is outdated. (note to self, do not use political humor in dog tricks cuz it gets outdated...)

I need new question for his cue.......... (i might steal Tx's question for that cue, not sure)
ANY IDEAS of funny question for which dog shakes his head no for?

Lol, last night, i checked to see if i swapped out one word of the political question, to see if Buddy would still shake his head 'no',
and we all busted out laffin, because Buddy smiled when the question started up, getting ready to shake his head with a look of "I know this one! I know this one!", smiling and getting ready to shake his head---- obviously waiting to hear the rest of question....and STARTED to shake his head no,
but then, upon hearing brand new word at end of question,
Buddy stopped
he just about did a double-take, and looked at me like, "WHAT? What is THAT?" HA HA, you had to see it. We all fell over laughing at his expression on his face....

(so, obvioulsy, i'll have to retrain him from the old cue, to the new cue, which i've never done before...)


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I've trained Fairley to "cover" for putting her paw over her face lying down and "boo" for covering her face while sitting. I really like "be a lady" for crossing paws. I might have to steal that one.


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I tried to teach Oka to bark on the cue /yap/ because i thought saying /yap/ to her and having this big, deep chested bark come out of her would be funny.......BUT Oka won't bark on command...:rolleyes:...in fact she barely barks at all....so i gave up...
Of eye covering/nose covering I've taught /nose/ so the kids can go "wheres your nose?" and she will touch it :D