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Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by cppugs, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. cppugs New Member

    I live in Florida, next to a state park with a lot of deer. I must use flea and tick control on the dogs or they will quickly be overcome by fleas and ticks. I typically use Frontline or Advantix, have for many years. Recently, it has not been as effective, so when TriForce can out, I was pleased to have an alternative. I have used TriForce on several of my other dogs without problems. Friday, I applied a dose to Boone, my St. Bernard. The dose was for dogs over 60 pounds, Boone is right at 140 pounds, I was concerned about it not doing the job considering his size.

    A couple hours after I applied the TriForce, I put Boone in the small bathroom while I let the small dogs out and in through the kitchen. About an hour later, I went to let him out and stepped in what, I first thought was urine..but he NEVER has accidents in the house! Then, I realized that it was clear and slimy. It was drool.. He was having a reaction to the TriForce and had drooled so much in the hour he was in the bathroom that it completely covered the bathroom floor. His heart was racing and he was panting heavily.

    I immediately took him outside and washed him 4 times in a very strong shampoo, then gave him a couple of cups of milk to drink. Within about an hour, the drooling ceased and his heart and respiration was back to normal. He laid down exhausted and slept a good 3 hours.

    Thankfully, Boone is okay, however I wonder what would have happened if I had applied this and gone to work for the day!

    I am not saying not to use this product, I have used it on other dogs and cats without an issue. However, you may want to use very small amount and make sure your dog does not have a reaction to it before applying the full does.


  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Goodness!!!! TriForce isn't accessible in my area, and to be honest I haven't heard of it but thank you very much for the warning! Poor Boone. Glad everything is okay now. Thank goodness you knew how to handle the situation. :dogsmile:
  3. cppugs New Member

    Thanks - I have been showing and raising dogs since the 70's and my sister is a vet tech (retired) so we have lots of experience under out belts. Boone is my baby, couldn't have anything happen to him! :msngrin:

  4. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    Yikes... I'm glad he's fine now! I think I've heard other stories regarding TriForce as well.

    From your post it sounds like he's used to staying in the bathroom for short 'transfer' periods... if not, I would also consider claustrophobia and/or the room getting too warm and stuffy - but that doesn't sound like the situation you had.

    I generally use Revolution on my Poodles... especially as the hair gets longer the other stuff doesn't seem to cover them thoroughly.
  5. cppugs New Member

    Yes the small bathroom is where he goes when the little ones need out. He is use to it. Since it is the coldest room in the house, he will go in there and sleep with the door wide open. Plus he gets an AC vent all to himself! LOL

    He would probably be fine with the little guys, I would rather not have any accidents. We go from a 20lb pug, down to a 4lb yorkie. A good playful swat could break her! :dogblink:


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