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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by myraellen, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. myraellen Well-Known Member

    My friend would like to find tricks where a dog stays in the same place and/or position also between repetitions. My friend already knows shake. She has found instructions for it. She has already tried something. So, does anyone know some easy tricks where the dog stays in the same place and/or position for example sitting or lying down? Lotta is going to be spayed in few days, so very soon. After that my friend should try to keep Lotta calm. If my friend is going to train Lotta also after the operation, it should be something where she wouldn't move much. That's why my friend is thinking more about tricks where Lotta would remain sitting or lying down and would do small movements so she might stay more calm. At the beginning it would be a better idea to teach those kind of tricks. Does someone know such? If my friend would in that stage teach Lotta tricks, where the dog changes her/his position or moves around, Lotta might get too excited. That wouldn't be so good.:D

    So, here are some reasons we are asking for ideas here:

    1) It's sometimes difficult to find the kind of tricks one is looking for. My friend doesn't always know what words to use in searhes.
    2) My friend tried sometimes to find a list of easy tricks. However, she didn't always know which of the tricks are easy.
    3) When my friend earlier saw some trick lists, she didn't see the kind of tricks what she's looking for now.

    So, does anyone have any kind of ideas? What kind of tricks others have teached to their dogs for example after operation? Does someone know websites where there would be easy tricks there?

  2. myraellen Well-Known Member

    We told that:
    So, we told what kind of tricks my friend is looking for now. We also told that Lotta is going to be spayed soon. Actually, it's going to be done tomorrow. It's going to be sunday now. (We live in Finland.) It takes 2-3 days after operation my friend can't train Lotta. After that my friend is going to need ideas of what to teach to Lotta.
  3. southerngirl Honored Member

    Cross paws.

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  4. myraellen Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your answer southerngirl :)

    In the first message we told that:
    So, Lotta was spayed yesterday. My friend cannot train her yet. However, she can probably start training Lotta at the end of the week.

    My friend cannot teach Lotta to stack bowls yet. Lotta should learn to take and drop on cue first...

    My friend cannot teach Lotta to cross her paws before she has taught Lotta paw targeting. She could start with that and shake. However, she would need more ideas in addition to those. My friend checked if there would be something suitable in older threads. She has found few, but some of those threads are quite old. That's why my friend thought that we could ask about the following behaviors in this thread:

    1) Where's Your Nose??? Trick
    She would like to know how to teach it. The methods the starter of the thread mentionedare not going to work with Lotta. So, are there some other ways to teach it?

    2) Shake head "no"?
    My friend has seen tutorials about it. They use targeting in them. She hasn't taught it to Lotta yet. The starter of the thread tried luring. It didn't work with his/her dog. Someone else also mentioned that it wouldn't work. However, my friend thinks that it might work with Lotta. She is quite good in following a treat with her snout. My friend can try it as soon as she can. If luring would work with Lotta, how would my friend teach that behavior then?

    3) How To Start On Holding Head Diagonal
    There are not many ideas of how to get a dog to put his/her head in the position seen in the picture in that thread. Lotta doesn't do it by herself. It wouldn't help that my friend would wait Lotta to tilt her head even a little. Lotta doesn't do it even when she hears noises. So, are there other ideas of how to teach it?

    You can still put other ideas and suggestions in this thread.
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  5. kassidybc Experienced Member

    One way you could try teaching Lotta the shake your head no trick is to teach her to look each way, then just alternate ways. You could teach that by having Lotta sit and stay, and throw a treat behind her to one side, so she turns her head to look at it. When she looks at it, click and give her a treat. After a few repetitions you can let her get the treat that you threw, so she doesn't get discouraged or bored. Do this with both sides, and eventually fade out the treat behind her. Hope this makes sense, I can explain in more detail if you don't completely understand. :)
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  6. myraellen Well-Known Member

    My friend just tried that. She wasn't actually training Lotta, she just wanted to see what Lotta would do. My friend hasn't teached Lotta to stay yet. So, she threw a treat to one side. Lotta didn't even turn her head she just rushed to take it instead. In the thread we linked someone tried luring. My friend just found even newer thread about this trick. In that thread someone told that she/he uses luring. However, there weren't actual instructions in that thread about luring. So, how would you teach this trick by luring?

    What about those other two tricks we asked in the previous message about?
  7. running_dog Honored Member

    Do you think you could tell us what tricks Lotta already knows? Then we will know what foundation understanding she has and we will have a better idea how you could make a start on different tricks with Lotta.

    I think you should take this opportunity to teach Lotta some foundation skills like paw target, nose target, take it and drop it, you can make a start on all of these while Lotta is laid down. Why try to invent all new ways to teach more complex tricks just because you have not taught the foundation skills? Foundation skills like these mean you can teach so many other tricks in much less time.

    For example most dogs can learn tricks like close the door, paws on arm, paws on back, paws on gate, paws on handle, press a button, paws on ball, paws in hand, give me five, shake a paw, paws on skateboard, paws in bowl, wash your paws, dig, and pivot round a pedestal in a few sessions or even minutes once they understand paw targeting, without paw targetting you have to start at the beginning every time. Paw targeting with my dog I just point and say "paw" "other paw" "both paws", and sometimes "not with your nose you dizzy dog" :LOL:.
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  8. myraellen Well-Known Member

    Lotta often acts silly. Lotta does it also when she is been trained. There are at least three reasons she is acting silly in training... There is more about Lotta's training and behavior in this thread:
    Cavalier King Charles Spaiel, Lotta

    Because Lotta acts silly when my friend tries to train her, it's sometimes difficult for my friend to figure out what to teach to Lotta and how. However, my friend has teached Lotta to sit and lie down. There are also other things my friend has at least tried to teach to her. For example she has tried to teach to Lotta targeting and shake. We did tell you that my friend could start with them. My friend has this question about targeting: How could she get Lotta to touch her hand with her snout without licking it? It shouldn't be part of the behavior.

    My friend has sometimes tried what is done in this tutorial about take and drop it:

    However, my friend cannot teach it to Lotta yet, because she gets so excited about toys. However, my friend can do what is done in this tutorial:

    She has already tried it. However, it's probably different than take it - or is it?

    My friend thinks that she would teach also easy and simple tricks to Lotta where she would remain sitting or lying down and would do small movements. Those following three seems like such if/when one finds an easier way to teach them. For example we told earlier that my friend had found even newer thread about the trick no. 2. In that thread someone told that she/he uses luring. So, how would you teach this trick by luring? Could the trick no. 3 be teached by luring as well? Is there an easy way to teach the trick no. 1?

  9. running_dog Honored Member

    I suggest you read through level one and level 2 of the Sue Ailsby training levels. Look especially at the sections on Targeting and Zen ("it's yer choice") in both levels and Down stay and Sit stay in level 2. For a low key way of teaching Lotta Take it and Drop it look at Training Level 3 and Training Level 4 under the heading "Retrieve".

    Where's your nose - you can shape this, I shaped something similar with Zac, there are ideas and links you can look at in the Trick Challenge: Hide Your Eyes thread.

    Shake head no - conceptually difficult for most dogs and in my opinion far too hard for Lotta at this stage.

    Holding head diagonal - no ideas
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  10. myraellen Well-Known Member

    My friend can look into those:
    My friend looked the thread about hiding your eyes and she also looked other threads that were linked to it. There were two videos in those threads where one had combined nodding and shaking. She had seen one of those videos earlier. So, she should teach those behaviors to Lotta before she can use that way. So, should she teach Lotta to touch her nose that way or is there also some other way to teach it?

    In the thread:
    Shake Your Head No
    We told about this: My friend wasn't sure what MaryK meant but she has tried something:

    If my friend coaxes Lotta to go under something, she gets her to stay still. She doesn't have a crate and Lotta don't know how to stay. For example in this video the dog stays in the same position when she/he is doing this trick:

    You're saying that the trick is far too hard to Lotta. However my friend did get Lotta to do something (see the video). She has additional questions about this:

    Does it look good? Should my friend teach one side at the time? How should she continue?

    So does anyone have any ideas of how to teach holding head diagonal?
  11. running_dog Honored Member

    Only your friend can decide the best way to teach Lotta this trick. You can find plenty of ideas from those threads if you read the text as well as watching the videos (including halti, tape, scrunchie and shaping (I videoed that) I'm not going to reinvent them) you just have to choose which one you think will work best with Lotta. If the first idea you choose doesn't work then try another one. The same ideas don't work with every dog.

    Nice video, Lotta looks very cute in her t'shirt. Again only your friend can decide whether this is what she wants the trick to look like and whether she thinks it looks good. If you mean does it look like Lotta is learning the trick then from what I can see Lotta is learning she gets a reward for looking at a treat in your friends hand. I do not think she has any understanding that it is the movement of her head that you want. So the next stage is that you think about how you can make her understand that you want the head movement not her watching your hand. This is the difficult part of teaching the trick and the part I think is too difficult for Lotta. I'll be happy to be proved wrong so go ahead... and here are a couple of suggestions:
    Decide whether you are clicking the movement or the position.
    Decide whether you reward on the side the dog turned it's head to (rewarding in place) or the opposite side (reflex head return).

    Your friend is very creative in finding ways to teach Lotta and that creativity is really impressive but I still cannot comprehend why you don't simply teach Lotta to stay.
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  12. kassidybc Experienced Member

    I agree, I think you should just teach stay first. It's not that hard to teach, and you might as well teach it while Lotta needs to be kept still, that way once she has recovered you can work on the more fun tricks!
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  13. myraellen Well-Known Member

    In the first message we told that:
    My friend couldn't train Lotta much after the operation because she didn't find many ideas of what to teach then. She can already start to teach also other kind of tricks to Lotta. Although my friend thought that she would have taught tricks where the dog would stay in the same place and/or position to Lotta after the operation, she can teach those also otherwise. We told earlier that my friend tried to find ideas from other threads. My friend had found three tricks that seemed to be what she was looking for and one of them was Shake Your Head No. My friend has asked for advice in this forum because she doesn't have much experience in dog training. O_o She has also asked for advice and asked questions about this trick because she didn't know herself how to teach it. My friend was looking for other ways to teach it because Lotta doesn't know how to stay yet. It may take time when my friend teaches Lotta to stay. So, is it possible to teach that trick in the way my friend had tried?

    If you think that those three tricks we asked about would be too difficult to Lotta, maybe you have better ideas? :) So, do you know some easy tricks where the dog stays in the same place and/or position? :D
  14. running_dog Honored Member

    You will have to keep trying and find out.
    BUT it is not an easy trick for most dogs.

    "Where's your nose" is not too hard. There are lots of ideas in the threads I linked you to.
    Hold your head on one side is not too hard either but you can't use any of the methods with Lotta so although it is easy you have no way to teach it to her.

    Here are some trick ideas. You will need to find ways you think will work to train them to Lotta. I am not going to explain how to teach them for you because I could spend a lot of time on that only for you to say Lotta can't learn that way. If you find ways you think might work then you can ask us about the details.

    Head on paws
    Lick lips
    Nose in bowl
    Paws in bowl
    Paw/Other paw
    High five
    Nudge a ball with nose
    Touch an object with a paw
    Knock an object over with nose
    Knock an object over with paw
    Play dead
    Hold an object/Drop an object
    Balance a treat on nose
    Balance an object on head

    You don't need stay for any of these. For example the dog in the following video did not know how to stay so I held a treat above her head to keep her in place. If that won't work for Lotta you can just do these tricks under a chair instead.
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  15. myraellen Well-Known Member

    Maybe we could/should write in those older threads if my friend needed ideas on how to teach those three tricks that we asked about. She thought that she would comment them generally anyway. For example in the thread about the trick "Where's your nose" the starter of the thread tried to put tape on her/his dog's snout. However, it didn't work with that dog. My friend tried with "Shame"(hide your eyes). She tried to put tape on Lotta's snout but she just didn't like that. Lotta tried to take the tape off with her paw but my friend didn't think that she would learn anything that way.She has seen both of the threads about Hide Your Eyes, but isn't it a different trick than Where's Your Nose?

    My friend could start by trying at least some of the tricks you had linked here. :) She has already tried to teach Lotta to shake.
  16. running_dog Honored Member

    Hide your eyes is almost the same as Where's your nose. Where's your nose just doesn't ask the dog to hold the position for so long. Most dogs seem to start out "Hide your eyes" by swiping at their nose.

    I have a video of me teaching a dog to give a "paw" and "give me five" from the beginning of training to two almost finished tricks. I can probably sort it out into a how to video in the next couple of days if that would help you?
  17. myraellen Well-Known Member

    My friend had seen this message but she haven't been able to answer to it yet.
    My friend has already found some ideas on how to teach Lotta to shake. We can of course tell you later if my friend needs more instructions or ideas for it.:)
  18. running_dog Honored Member

    That's okay :)

    I hope the ideas work, it is a fun trick to train (y)
  19. running_dog Honored Member

  20. myraellen Well-Known Member

    Actually we had already linked that by ourselves, but thanks anyway :D In that thread they talk mostly about that they would make some sound and would reward a dog when s/he would put his/her head in that position. Lotta doesn't tilt her head even when she hears noises although she would do it, she wouldn't learn the actual behavior that way. So, in which thread we should write about it if my friend wants to find more ideas for it?

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