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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by Kiara, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Kiara New Member


    I have 3 dogs one of which is blind :( He was born that way and I've trained him to cope really well in fact if you met him you probably wouldn't notice until he ran into you and knocked you over :ROFLMAO:
    He's a rescue and I've had him 2yrs now. He'd had a really bad start in life - half starved and 'trained' with a horse whip! He wouldn't even stand up straight he crawled everywhere (n)

    What tricks would be good for him??

    He likes to be close to me all the time so his wait is ok as long as I don't stray too far! He knows sit, down, wait, play dead, paw, both paws but also has learnt to 'be careful' when approaching an object, 'follow me' means stick your nose up my bum and follow me around an obstacle :D and he jumps on command too. He's got a full map of the house and knows his way around without bumping into things - unless somethings moved.
    We do the plant pot game with food under one and he has to find it but I have to show him where the line starts and guide him around the various pots.

    He's a wolfhound x retreiver and loves to learn - his other senses are always on high alert, his nose is fantastic as is his hearing but I have to be careful about 'find me' games as he's been known to get so into it he runs into walls etc !!

    Any ideas please??

  2. fly30 Experienced Member

    Hi Kiara. Congratulation for the rescue and the work you have done so far with this blind dog. I suppose he has a fairly good nose. What about tricks using his natural nose skill ? Like finding saussage in differents plastic glasses. Or learn to recognize object according to what they smell (leather, wood etc...)
  3. sara Moderator

    OHHHH YAYYYYYY a blind dog owner! I'm a deaf dog owner :) Well actually to be accurate one is totally deaf, one is totally deaf, blind in one eye and nearsighted in the other, and the other one is functionally deaf but seems to hear certain pitches and very nearsighted.

    I want to try a blind dog, or a deaf/blind dog next... I'd learn alot form them!

    You have taught him so much already... what about teaching him to find a specific scented item then lay down on it? it'd be a great way to start some distance work with him. What about tracking? I know a lady who does tracking with her blind and deaf great dane. you could easily teach spins, cross paws, back up, figure eights between your legs, back around legs, close doors, beg, pray, shy, cop cop... really, you're not that limited, especially as he can hear the clicker. You may have to modify some techniques, (as I do with needing to put a sign to the movement) but you should be able to figure it out!

    Congrats on rescuing a dog with diffabilities, and I'm so glad you dont let it stop him!
  4. Kiara New Member

    Thanks Sara.
    Some good ideas there - Sometimes I can't se the wood for the trees with him!! I try and treat him like my other two dogs I just have to be a bit more alert for him!!

    He's taught me so much and even though he had such a bad start he's so gentle and loving - he just wants to be a lap dog but at over 7 stone it's a bit much :rolleyes:

    I made a website up for him - as when I re-homed him the centre didn't tell me he was blind (n) They claimed they didn't realise!!! When I went online to get some info it was very patchy and hard to find, so I put the site together based on my experiences.
  5. sara Moderator

    I think theres way more deaf dogs than blind ones. I found tons of info on deafies. I also dont think deaf dogs are disabled. I prefer them to hearing dogs, and will always have multiple deaf dogs.

    I cannot believe that the shelter didn't figure out he was blind! I can see not knowing the dog is deaf, but blind? crazy!
  6. Kiara New Member

    He was in there for 3 weeks too!!!
    It took me all of a day to figure something wasn't quite right and not just a gangly lad not quite in control of his legs or the fact he'd also never been in a house before so ever noise/movement scared him :cry:
    The shelters reply to my cry for help ' Well if you don't want him - bring him back' :mad: Hmmmmmm it was never an option for me, I fell in love with him the moment I saw him and I wouldn't have let him go back there for love nor money !!
  7. brimarie New Member

    I have a blind akita chow mix and and she knows how to high five from both paws and jump up for hug

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