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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Luckydogwhisperer, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Luckydogwhisperer Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! I don't know if you remember me or not, but I joined the forum a couple months ago. :) I have an All-American Dog named Lucky. Lucky had to undergo Tightrope CCL surgery for CCL deficiencies in both of his stifles, and we are just now getting to rehab. We're working on building Lucky's strength back up, hopefully enough so that we could go back to agility--the best sport ever! I was wondering if any of you had ideas of low stress (and higher stress for when we get there) trick/exercise ideas for strengthening? Also, some ideas for tricks/exercises to entertain a dog that I'm running at an agility trial...she's super hyper and strong, and I really need ways to warm her up, keep her attention, and keep her busy. :) Any ideas are welcome! Thanks a ton!
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Swimming is low impact and very good for strengthening muscles. I used this with a GS suffering from Mylopathy and it really helped. Is there a dog lap pool near you? They are really good and safe, especially for a dog in rehab.

    Also massage is very good.
  3. Luckydogwhisperer Well-Known Member

    Yes, we do have a pool near us, but I haven't heard very good reviews of it...hopefully once he's out of the on-leash rehab period, I'll be able to take him to a lake/pond near us that has a gradual entry point...maybe he could walk up and down the ramp/gradual entry a little, too.

    We've been doing some massage, too. Mostly TTouch and a little bit of other massage. Are there any specific types of massage that you've used?

    Thanks for the ideas!
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    That's a pity, I was fortunate enough to have a very good dog lap pool nearby. Good idea to take him to a lake. Anyway you could use a long leash for now at the lake? I realize this may not be possible though but if you can you'd have control over his swim. Or be able to just walk him in the water if it's not deep near the shore line.

    I use the TTouch and also Reiki. From my personal experience have found them to be the best.
  5. Mutt Experienced Member

    I find walking one of the best ways, also cycling straight lines (while the dog is in between walking and running full speed, sorry I have no idea what the English word is for that :S)

    In later stages (when the recovery is over) these exercises are also great to strenghten the muscles: bow, sit pretty, hind leg push-ups, back-up etc.

    Keep in mind that swimming means no diving from the sides and paws of the ground (otherwise it costs even more strenght) :)

    Good luck with the recovery hope everything goes well!
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  6. Luckydogwhisperer Well-Known Member

    Thank you both! I'll have to look into Reiki (I think I saw a massage therapist at the agility trial I showed a friend's dog at today doing it...maybe I'll get the chance to see it in action tomorrow), and work on my TTouch skills. :)

    Thanks, Mutt, for the trick ideas! I'll definitely try them in a few weeks once Lucky is stronger!
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  7. SD&B Experienced Member

    Swimming, as mentioned, is great. It's low stress and builds strength. The tricks mentioned are great for building strength too.

    Another option is therapy ball work. You can do a lot of low stress exercises to build both core and limb strength. The nice thing about it, too, is that all you need is a ball and a little room. You can do it inside during inclement weather or when it's dark.
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  8. Luckydogwhisperer Well-Known Member

    All right! I was thinking about getting a Theraball (or other exercise ball) for's on my Christmas list. ;)

    Just a little update: Lucky was doing really well, but has been a little bit sore the past few days. :( We're going to take him to see his ortho surgeon either this coming week or the week after, just to make sure everything's still all right. :)

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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Hoping all is right with Lucky. Hopefully all he's done is get a little over enthusiastic, nothing serious.
  10. k9 crazed Experienced Member

    When one of my Newfs was recovering from her knee surgery I used to take her to a quiet place on the river where there was a boat launch with a long dock, then I'd just walk her on leash into the water as I walked onto the dock and then I'd walk out and around and she'd swim next to the dock. It worked really well being that she was already a fair water dog. Anyway it's a thought.

    I also used to have a very busy Collie that needed the edge taken off regularly (I'm thinking of your other dog now) I taught him to cart and one of the things that worked very well for me with him and toned him down much faster than like retrieving or something was to take him for a quick walk with him pulling a wagon or cart with weight in it (quite a bit of weight sometimes!) Course it isn't an instant fix, you have to teach it. Scootering also might be very good and it's a lot of fun if your dog is at least medium sized.

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