Trick Challenge


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I am working on this new trick with River that I saw at a college, Chicken training expo!

The trick uses two different colored cones and two different patterns. (I didn't have two different colored cones so I am using cones and food dishes.)

The trick is to teach the chicken, or dog to do a figure 8 pattern with one color, or type of cone and a circle around both of a different color or type of cone.

So I am teaching River to do a figure 8 pattern around orange cones and an oval shape around the bowls.

At the chicken training expo the chickens continuously did that pattern and as they were going around one cone they switched colors of the opposite cone and then the other one and the chicken immediately switched which pattern they were doing.

Anyone up for a challenge?! :D


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If I had more time to train, I might tackle this challenge. But, not a whole lot of time to teach new stuff unless it's super simple quick new stuff. :( Sounds like a fun challenge though!!! Keep us posted. Training chickens, that sounds tough. Kudos to the chicken trainers!


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Sounds cool! I may try this with Hauru after we've completed the stuff we're already working on right now... I don't want to confuse him by training too many new things at the same time :)