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Pawbla, it's an upcoming sport here in europe. It comes from Germany and translated it's called ball herding.
The fun part is that every dog can learn to do it, not just herding breeds. But it is a nice alternative for real herding(although those who herd sheep don't agree:D)
You use regular fitness balls.


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//"You should put in on video for us to see Tigerlily!!!
We want to see Buddy with his laundry baskets:ROFLMAO:"//

You WOULD laff your faces off to see it. He never bores of it. and he's amazingly good at "steering" the baskets, with his "indoor" collection, he zooms, full speed, riiiiiight up to a table, and at last moment,turns that basket to avoid hitting the table.
We never taught any of it, he just does it.

I have asked my daughter to get one of her friends with a video camera to come over to video this for us. (when we borrow one, we can barely work the camera):rolleyes: