Training To Stay In A "safe" Non Fenced Area


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In my neighbourhood there is a very little park which isn't fenced but is surrounded with trees. The traffic around the park is minimal to non-existent.
My intention is to teach my dog to stay within the perimeter of the trees when I'm playing with him there. Of course I will keep the leash on him but I want it to be a automated reaction to not go on beyond the trees even when the toy lands there If I tell him its not safe. Its probably a unnecessary safety precaution in this case but I think it would be a good thing to learn my dog as its probably useful in other less safe places.

Can anybody tell me how I would go about teaching this to my dog?

Jean Cote

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That is a good thing to work on. The last thing you want is your dog bolting across a busy street when he sees another dog. I'd get a long line (they have those cotton web ones) that you can let drag on the ground but if the dog starts to run away from you you can step on it. (Never pick it up unless you want a serious rope burn) I'd work with keeping his attention on me and if you have a friend, one with a dog, you can have him walk his dog and slowly move closer to yours and it's your job to keep his attention him YOU.