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Discussion in 'Service Dog Training' started by vg2012, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Hello! I have PTSD and because of this, I have been having difficulty in college. I volunteer at an animal rescue and ever since I was little, animals have always made me feel comfortable and safe. So, I am looking into owning a service dog. I contacted a reputable German Shepherd breeder but before I make the decision, I need advice. Right now, there are no service dog trainers near Waco, TX and honestly, due to college, I do not have the money to pay one. Would it be possible to train a service dog while I am in college and still pass my classes? How much time would I need to put into training the puppy each day? Also, do ya'll know of any links that would be helpful for people looking to train their own puppy to become a service dog? And one last question: How do you train a dog to not be distracted by other people and animals? Thank you all! :)

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    First, you have to make sure you are legally disabled in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    Then you must write up a list of tasks that the dog will perform to benefit you. Having a dog for the soul purpose of emotional support does not qualify it as a service dog.

    Training a service dog takes a lot of time, if you're able to keep up in school and lead a pretty normal life may I ask why you need the dog? It's important you think this through. Also, I strongly suggest you get an older dog, rather than a puppy, it will be MUCH easier for you, both academically and training wise.

    Have you owned dogs before? You need to find a good dog trainer ASAP. It is highly inadvisable to go about this on your own, you are likely to fail. Keep in mind a lot of dogs "wash out" from service work, you need to from point one, understand and be honest with yourself that this may happen. The problem with a lot of owner trainers is they fail to recognize when their dog just isn't right; it's one excuse after the other or "maybe if I work on this a little longer" etc. It's very tough! PM if you have personal things to cover. I am a service dog user myself and also a trainer.
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