Training More Than One New Skill/trick At A Time?


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I was just wondering what people's views were on training more than one new thing at a time.. and I don't mean trying to train two completely new things in the same training session but perhaps you have multiple tricks/skills that you're currently working on? Or is it preferable to just work solidly on one new trick at a time until the dog has got it sorted?

Thanks :)


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It depends….. I like to just teach Shiloh one trick at a time. That's all she can handle. My foster dog, Chance, has had training sessions for different tricks. I prefer to just teach them both one at a time. That's just me though….


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<---has actual written list of tricks i want to teach.:ROFLMAO: I think many dogs can learn more than 1 trick-in-progress at a time.

Usually, i am like Dilly, i also usually teach one trick at a time, but sometimes, i do teach two at a time---SO LONG AS THEY ARE NOT SIMILAR.

Like i could teach my dog to rollover in a blanket, and to heel while looking up at me, in very same week. Actually, i think i really did do both of those in same week...ha.

but i would not try to teach him to nod his head yes, and "show me your good side" (both are turn the head tricks--too similar) all in same week. Maybe a dog could learn tricks that are similar in same week, but, i tend to space the tricks out a few weeks apart, if they seem too similar in my mind.

lol, who knows,:rolleyes: maybe i am underestimating my dog.:ROFLMAO:
maybe he could distinguish similar tricks at same lesson, but, i've never tried it. Probably, I'M the one who would get confused!!!:ROFLMAO: People smarter than i am, can probably easily teach multiple tricks all in same week.

typically, just as Buddy is finishing up one trick, i have already begun the next one, so there is always some overlap, even if i'm only doing one trick at a time. Sometimes i think the overlap helps him polish off the 'old' trick a lil faster, who knows.


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I agree. Also, if you are working on a trick that is harder (ex. roll in a blanket or nod your head yes or no) you can teach the dog another trick (of course, not similar). I don't think that you should teach both tricks during one trick session, maybe keep them seperate.:)

By the way, GREAT post (as always) Tigerlily!!!!:ROFLMAO:


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I am terrible at finishing off tricks:oops: So I am working on several tricks at once. But I only do two new tricks in one session. And like the others said not similar ones, as I found out the other day:D
I am still trying to teach shame(paw on nose) and I wanted to start say your prayers...
Now she sticks her head under my arm when I ask for shame and puts her nose under her paw when I do say your prayers....:ROFLMAO: Have to work out how to get that right:confused:
But actually I have always been training more than one behaviour. Sit, down, come, heel, stay all in one session...
Anyway, usually I have one trick I just started, one we already did a few times and one we are perfecting. And then I have her do some she knows very well, just to keep her motivated.
I guess it depends on your dog how much "new stuff" you can throw their way. And how much you yourself can do:D


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It depends on what you and your dog can handle I guess. I don't like teaching more than two in the same session. However, my dog can do a couple of tricks at home, that I haven't proofed outside, for example. So I'm actually working in more than two, but just not in the same session.


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yeah, Pawbla brings up a good point, about "in the same session".

Even if i am working on two tricks in same week, i tend to have one lesson on Trick#1,
and an hour or so later, have another lesson on Trick#2. Or even next day.

i guess i sort of alternate back and forth between the two tricks being taught, but like Pawbla says, "not in same session".

good point, Pawbla, that's how i do it, too.