Training Handstand! Brand New Way!


Here is a tutorial on how to teach the handstand! Hope you enjoy!
Well you will need:
  • A stack of books A large strong thin peace of wood
  • A dog that knows how to back up
  • A clicker(optional because I didn't use one for Billy)
1. Put the peace of wood on the ground and ask your dog to back up on it.
2. put it against something low(You can even use books at this point and put the wood against them
3. Put it against the wall, and keep putting it higher and higher
4. Remove it(This is a very hard part) and ask your dog to back up on the wall, try different walls at this point it is important!
5. Move on and put you leg on the ground, ask your dog to handand on it
6. Keep putting your leg higher(The goal is to make your dog jump from it)
7. At this point you can ask him to handstand on your hand, repeat this step many times! Make sure you only reward when your dog jumps from you hand(and if possible, walks)
8. Move on back to the wall, if your dog jumps from it it's clear you can move on to the next step, if no back a step :)
9. Ask him to do it on your hand but once he jumps, remove it quickly! Repeat this step and your dog will probs learn!!