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Very often, just the written word isn’t enough to truly help us understand the concepts being explained. Concrete examples using pictures, audio and video can really help show and teach various techniques and tips.

Although training and de-sensitizing a dog to learn to overcome problems is the recommended approach, often owners need something quicker to help manage the dog in the meantime. Managing a problem is a very important aspect of training, since it means the dog cannot so easily keep repeating and thus reinforcing inappropriate behaviours.

Management can be as simple as using waste receptacles with good lids to avoid a dog from getting into the trash, or hiding shoes away in a closet to keep the dog from chewing on them. When it comes to fear and aggression, however, some special equipment can often make a big difference for both the owner and the dog. A halti or gentle leader can make it possible for an owner to take a reactive or dog-aggressive dog out for a walk even before the long term conditioning program has achieved the required degree of control and self-restraint. When used correctly, these special collars can be of significant aid to the owner struggling with the problem of feeling unable to simply walk his dog.

If you’re dealing with a difficult problem dog and are looking for a bit of a quick fix, then a halti or gentle leader might be of interest. A note of caution, though: these collars are not recommended for pug-nosed dogs or dogs with very short snouts. But for my terrior Joey, a halti was a way to continue being able to go out on walks while working on long term conditioning.

A good resource for training and dealing with problem behaviours, including a lot of information about the halti and gentle leader, is provided by the Animal Behavior Resources Institute, a not for profit corporation. They have videos featuring such well known trainers as Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson, Leslie McDevitt, Karen Overall, along with many others.

Topics include “Managing Barking at the Door”, 2 Points of View videos: “What the Dog Sees” and “What We See”, “Managing a Dog With Situational Aggression”, Improving Aggressive Behaviour in Veterinary Exam”, “Working With On-Leash Aggression”, and even a cute short video called “Play Time” which simply shows puppies playing together.


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I know this is an old post but for some reason I just now ran across it. ^^ I'm loving the vids on that site Bipa!! Thanks so much for sharing.