Toowoomba, Queensland


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Hi, I desperately need advise but I know at the end of the day it will ultimately be my decision. Five months ago I brought home a border collie cross cattle, she was 3 months old. Georgous, and fitted well into our small family, just my husband and I. I love dogs and started straight away to train her, took her to puppy school, took her to the vet for protective medication and checkover. Had her desexed and microchipped. Knowing that she was from an energetic breed walked her to the off the leash dog park twice a day where she could have a good run. Lately as she has got bigger she has been jumping the fence and neighbours have reported her to the council (not from being lost as she always stays home in the front yard but being out of the back yard (once) Last weekend my husband and I were gardening in the front yard and I was about to put Rosie inside as she could not be trusted but just before I did she rushed up to a passer by and growled - I grabbed her straight away and put her inside. The council came 30 mins later. Now they have pronounced her a dangerous dog. With this label in Australia she will never again be alowed in a unleashed dog walking park off the leash which was the highlight of her day. I am having her uthinaised as it will be no fun for her anymore. I feel it is my only choice left, otherwise Rosie could become a criminal on the loose hiding from the law, which is an option but I'm not clever enough to support her as I've never been that way inclined. What to do???