Too Much Barking / Jumping!


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Hello everyone,

I want to tell first that sasha learned a new trick today which is "Touch" it was easy for her to learn.

Sasha's been barking on everyone (that she doesn't know) on the street and jumping on everyone that she knows :) i know that there's a training video on how to stop jumping but i am confused how it will help ? it;s only me ignoring her when she's jumping but my dog won't jump on me if i have treats she just goes around and sit then bark, or bite me a friendly one till i give her the treat anyway i want my dog to stop barking, is there's a way to teach her that ? or maybe with time but i don't think it's a matter of time. I take her 2 times everyday for a walk (sometimes 3) so she does the same thing everytime barking on workers, students, nuns lol that little dog is making everyone afraid of him.

Any suggestions ?


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If you use any type of marker training I'd suggest these two videos from kikopup.

For barking at strangers on walks.

For jumping on both friends and yourself. I would personally teach a leave it so that she doesn't try to bully you into giving her a treat.


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Thank you i will download and check them, you know i could search on youtube but i need trusted training videos

Thx again :)


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Kikopup videos are very trustable, anything you find by Kikopup is great. You do not need to "download" them, you can just click on them and watch them. You can save them to "favorites" to refind later. (dowloading videos uses A LOT of your computer's memory, you do NOT have to "download" them ----just watch them).

(or Silvia Turkman, if you can find any videos by her online, but Silvia's usually cost money)
But Alcastive, you are right, you can't just trust any video you see on dog training, I SO AGREE!!! Any person with a camera can post a video!! it doesn't mean they know one thing about dogs.

but look for Kikopup, or Silvia Turkman, both are great.

also, if you need Kikopup's video on biting, let me know, i have it. (i wasn't sure by your note if your dog is biting or not)

And you might already know this, but, keep training treats very tiny. A full stuffed dog is harder to motivate, dogs do not care how big a treat is, at all, so use itty bitty treats.

And when teaching a dog tricks, keep lessons short.



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One other thing, since you are not sure what exactly your dog is unsure about, or if your dog is just unsure of ALL strangers, what i did (but my neighborhood is VERY safe) is this:
When i first got Buddy, he was unsure about children---they are noisey, they move quickly,they shreik, etc etc.
What i did about kids + Buddy, you MIGHT be able to incorporate for strangers, IF you feel safe to do so. LIke maybe use the nuns that your dog is afraid of, if they are willing to give you a moment of their time.

First step i did, was, i took Buddy to park, and at HIS comfort zone, before he got excited, we sat down, actually Buddy layed down, and i gave him treats for watching screaming kids run around at a park. We were not very close.
Then we moved closer, repeat.

Next day, closer. and so on. Buddy came to associate kids = treats.
It wasnt' too long til Buddy could walk right by all the screaming kids and think they are okay after all. I "desensitized" him to screaming, fast running kids, see? Maybe you could do a similar thing to just "strangers", starting at YOUR DOG'S comfort zone, and slowly moving closer each day???

Second step i did:
I know some kids in my neighborhood, i asked them to toss Buddy treats. Later, when i was more certain Buddy was comfortable, i had the kids hand Buddy treats.
(to this day, kids stop their bikes, "Ey, does Buddy need to get some treats from me?" i always say yes, they LOVE helping Buddy, ha ha) Most people do not seem to mind helping a dog get over their fears.

YOu might consider carrying some non messy treats, and ask the nuns if they would mind helping your dog become less afraid of strangers by handing your dogs treats, IF you feel sure your dog would not bite. Or even just tossing your dog treats, with no contact involved, would be helpful for your dog to think strangers = treats.


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Thanks a lot for your advice tigerlilly, Sasha now isn't barking on everyone (only when ppl do crazy stuff like some ppl who really started to bug me, who whenever see a dog they start jumping like crazy and doing lot's of hand signals! who my active dog supposed not to bark on them!) anyway i am happy that sasha now can walk even with kids around, even on bikes (she was very afraid of bikes at first) without barking, the only reason that sasha barks is on ppl she doesn't know who walks toward me, and i find this very normal.


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Sounds like you are a doing a great job with Sasha!! KUDOS!!!
My dog does not bark at ppl he does not know, even if they come over to me. He WILL bark if any person hugs me, (except for my guy)
and i could train that out of him,
ya never know,
might come in handy someday. i kinda like that. Buddy does not approve of ppl hugging, ha ha!! Looks like a problem from his point of view, ha ha!!