Toileting more than usual


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Hi I wondered if anyone could help. Harry (2 yr old cross breed) can usually go through the night without toileting - I let him out just before I go to bed (usually half 10 the earliest) and when I get up (approx 7am).

However, for the last two weeks he can't hold it! He wees (a lot!) and there's usually poo too when I come down in the morning. He does it by the back door (where i usually let him out) and not anywhere else. Do you know if this signals an underlying health problem?

Any advice would be much appreciated.




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i would go directly to the vet and rule out a urinary tract infection. i know they are more common in females but that or an infection involving the foreskin of a male can make it "feel" like he needs to go more often because of the burning so he tries. ask the vet too about any other medical causes that could be an issue, even recent immunizations. not to scare you either but hormonal changes or abdominal masses can cause pressure on the internal organs and make them need to go more often.

if it's not medical i wonder if you changed his schedule any lately or changed food? exercise later or earlier or feeding at a different time can have a big affect on a dog since they weigh a lot less than us. did you move or change his sleeping situation? i usually have my dogs in the bedroom where i can hear them if they need to go out.

if neither of those two is the culprit examine the stress issue. any changes in the house like anyone moving in/out, a new pet, moving the entire household, a new dog or cat neighbor that might be making potty outside very stressful? it might not be something you can detect such as a neighbor dog in heat.

you have a bit of a puzzle but fortunately the first two are pretty easy to figure out. the stress aspect could take longer. i would go out with him when he goes to make sure you see him go, and maybe an extra trip right before bed.


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Like snooks, I would suggest that a trip to the vet might be the best first thing to do, given the suddeness of the change in his behaviour.

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, but always best to get these things checked. Once you rule that out, then you can at least relax and start looking at behaviour modification issues.


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Arg Luke is having the same problem!! He is asking to go out almost every 10 minuets! And once again the vet is closed tomorrow!! I read that apple cider vinegar would help with infections... ????

Luke did just get neutered..

Also I had the last week off with him and today was his first day back in the crate. He was in there for about 7 hrs.

Could any of these factors contribute?




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I had not heard about the vinegar. I would worry that changing the ph of his urine might burn or mask a true problem. If he was in a long time today he may have been uncomfortable so didn't empty his bladder each time hence seemed to be going more. He also may have gotten more active when you got home and drank a bunch after sleeping all day. He'd probably be okay with on middle of the night check for and extra potty and call the vet tomorrow. Unless his belly is distended and he doesn't poop, quits drinking, won't eat, seems in pain on gently pressing his abdomen, or has a fever it may just be a big weird day for him. Can't hurt to call and ask. Be sure there are no things like soap or etc he could have eaten.


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How is Harry??? I was worried too about a post op complication from the neuter.