Today's Training Accomplishments


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That video was of Susan Garrett, top agility trainer! I just love that video of her and Buzzy :)


I'm so glad Mud did well with that exercise, it's so fun to train and so important! I've also been dabbling with using my hand targeting for teaching "no" but I just haven't been training enough to get any progress.

Have you thought of a name for the hind leg lift yet? I still haven't decided what i want to name it, so I've just been using "3" and "4."


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Ah, thanks Fickla!! I really like that exercise, and the dogs do too! It's all fun to them so they love it. ^^
I wish I could figure out a hand signal for both the no and the leg hiking...
We've worked a lot on "touch" and "paw" so her targetting is really solid. She caught on to "no" so much faster touching my hands. Still a work in progress of course, and I suppose the hands will be a little harder to fade than the post-it notes, but we'll see how it goes.

No command yet for the leg hiking. Tried to think of things to call it but no luck. I suppose I could go with, "Mud, are you a BOY DOG?" (shakes head no) "Well can you do the BOY DOG TRICK?" (hikes leg) or "What do boy dogs do??"