To Obey Or Not To Obey

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by teen17, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. teen17 Active Member

    I have 2 huskies and they are behaved individually but when they are together, they are very rowdy and don't listen any more... How will I get them to calm down and obey when they are together ?

    Thank you :)
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  2. jackienmutts Honored Member

    A familiar problem. What exactly are you talking about tho, what are they doing, or not doing? Plz be specific -- what are they doing, and what are you doing now, in return, what is their behavior, and yours, exactly? Once we know, we can give suggestions as to what you can maybe try, or change, in order to get different (and calmer) behavior from them.

    Also, may I ask, what are their ages? And how much exercise do they get, and when do they get it? And do they get training sessions, and if so, are they together, or separate?
  3. teen17 Active Member

    Well uhmmm they play with each other mostly and I know that is normal but they don't come and they don't do their tricks any more. one is 1 year old while the other is 6 months old. they have their training sessions separately because I they don't listen when they are together. I have trouble walking them both at once so I have to alternate their walks and since I'm still a student, I can only do it during the weekends
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    First they're both youngsters, so playing a lot when together is normal and natural.:D Do you use a clicker? If not I would strongly suggest you get one, load it with each dog SEPARATELY and start with basics.

    With one being only six months old, it's not going to be easy to train them together, but start with a good 'sit' then work on a good, strong 'stay'. Using a clicker will make this a LOT easier, as dogs respond to the clicker/treat very quickly and easily. I wouldn't work on anything else until I had one sitting and staying while you work with the other dog on maybe basics like down/drop. It's going to take some time and patience though with two youngsters.

    Also work on getting them to focus on you. Again with the clicker/treat, just ask for 'watch me' and click treat when they look at you and give you eye contact. This will help them to learn to focus on you and LOL not on each other!

    With walking them, again work in your own garden first, that way you're in a secure environment. Work for short periods only with them together.

    Also, I would work with them on heel work, separately, then move on to working with them together once they BOTH have a good strong sit/stay while you're working with the other dog.

    Take it easy, just short sessions and release them for a good play time in between each session.
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  5. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Mary's right - they're both youngsters, big puppies, really. And being a student limits your time. But - regardless of your status (student), they still need your attention. They're not just weekend responsibilities. You'll see a big change in them if you can give them more exercise (daily walks) and daily training sessions, even if their sessions are 5 min (each dog) a day. Granted, you've got to walk them each separately - but a daily walk or some kind of big exercise session is so necessary. Where do you live? I say "daily walk" but of course if it's blizzarding and icy out, that may be out. They'd have no problem with it - but we are human, after all. :rolleyes:

    As Mary said above, work on indiv sessions with them, start with basics, focusing on you, get solid behaviors down from each dog, then try to have fun sessions with both together. It takes a lot of focus and self-control on their parts to get them both 'sitting' and focusing on you for a few seconds before being treated. With a lot of work and patience, they'll "get it" - and hang tough, they will grow up. :LOL:
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  6. teen17 Active Member

    Thank you both very much and your suggestions are well appreciated and will be taken to action ! I will start from the basics again individually to get some solid progress ! As for the walk, I will do my best to walk them as much as I can but I am from the Philippines so there is a limitation to walking them outside of my house especially since I'm not always allowed to go out. I'm pretty sure I will find a way to get this all down :) Merry Christmas to the both of you and Thanks again :D
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