The Milky Bar Kid

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by jacobite, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. jacobite Well-Known Member

    I tend to gie my 8yo Border Collie my dredges from my porridge. The porridge is cooked with milk. Is that bad for him? We also, once in a blue moon, gie him a milky bar because they can't handle chocolate, and that is white chocolate, but is that bad for him
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  2. Anneke Honored Member

    My two LOVE porridge. It is not bad for your dog, as long as they can handle the grain and the milk.
    As for white chocolate, it doesn't have the thing that is bad for dogs(can't remember what it's called and am too lazy to google it:rolleyes: as I am getting ready to go to bed).
    But it does have a lot of sugar and calories...
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  3. Dlilly Honored Member

    I like to keep away from human foods that aren't really healthy for dogs, and I feed them healthy home made dog treats instead! My dogs love them a lot more than my human food. :rolleyes: I'm hoping a member from here can give you the link to a good recipeā€¦.. Mine is written down, I don't remember what website I got it from.
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  4. Dogster Honored Member

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  5. rouen Experienced Member

    Dogster, do you boil the veggies til they're soft enough to mash? Could you substitute jarred baby food easily or would it be too moist?
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  6. Dogster Honored Member

    I boiled the veggies until they were soft. I don't know if you could use baby food, you can try, but I don't know how they'll turn out. But hey, the dogs will eat them anyways.;)
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    I used that recipe, Ra Kismet LOVED it. Zeus was dubious at first, but that's not unusual. Give him anything new and you have to pretend to eat it first - he thinks he's a King and needs a food taster - just in case of poison:LOL:

    My two VERY occasionally get something like ONE crisp or something 'naughty' more because my partner sneaks them, I personally don't really like them having chocolate or crisps but porridge, yes they do have that on the odd occasion.
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  8. jacobite Well-Known Member

    left half a pound of chocolates on the table for my diabetic son, in case of emergencies. I went to work, he went to work and came back to find the half a pound opened and Charlie with a guilty look on his face. How that dog manages I will neer know.
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    :LOL: Dogs are smarter than we realize!

    I once had a GS who ate the entire contents of a package of Limberger cheese, which is of course wrapped in foil. And she got it from the refridgerator when I had opened the fridge to get something else out, she politely and very quietly without my knowledge of course, helped herself to the cheese from the cheese container (the lid did lift open quite easily), sneaked outside onto the lawn and devoured the lot. All that remained was the foil packaging and I only found that because I went to have some Cheese and Biscuits later in the day, found the cheese was missing, bent down and asked her did she know anything about it and smelt her breath PHEW!!!!! Her breath was rank!!!!!!!!!!! She didn't even have the courtesy to look guilty just wore her most innocent expression.:rolleyes:
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