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Discussion in 'Meet the Dogs' started by passion4pups, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. passion4pups Active Member

    Zeus was my husbands dog. I use the word "was" because since I moved in , he seems to prefer me in many situations over the hubs. Out of everyone in the family though he has dubbed himself the champion companion of the 2 year old. Since the baby was born he is every where she is , including sleeping on the floor at the foot of her bed. she has used him as a pillow, bed, jungle gym and toy and he has yet to even get up and move . . he sighs and endures and gives her kisses through it all. her first word? It wasn't ma or da it was Zeus.
    When I started my classes for training I needed to practice on a routine or how to teach others how to train . . I thought he would be a challenge . . .Wrong!! Though he is big boned and tall and just a huge lumbering oaf . . he is really stinking smart!! A classic Zeus trick is to knock on the door when he wants out, knock to come back in, Nose you in the morning at 5:01 am on the dot for breakfast (I haven't gone to work at 5 am in almost 2 years but he still gets me up) and he best one is "Lights out" where he puts his paws up on the wall and pushes the dimmer switch on the wall. Don't ask me how he learned this one because I only wanted to attempt it , and he caught on in the first few tries . . no need in doing it in steps as I was taught . . .
    We do have a few issues with him though. he has some clear fear anxieties (first 6 months at the hands of very cruel people) and has a bit of a dominance issue with my second youngest when she tries to discipline or correct him. Leader of the pack thing?? I think so , but am not positive yet.
    Here are a few pics of the oaf

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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    He's a handsome boy. I love the pics of him with your daughter. Oh and forget all about that leader of the pack stuff it's wrong your dog does not want to rule over you daughter. What does she do to "discipline" him?
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  3. passion4pups Active Member

    I guess I used the wrong word . . not discipline exactly , but say she's putting all the dogs outside, if he doesn't want to he will stand stock still and look her in the eye , if she reaches for his collar, he will snap at her hand. though he's never connected just the motion of it worries me. Monthly he hates frontline . . he runs and try's to escape if t's me applying it, if it's her, he stands his ground and snarls and snaps at her . . again not connecting , but . . . .It's the same with many situations . . a toy he shouldn't have, a room he shouldn't be in, those sorts of things . . . but he is not that way with me or my hubby and has Never even blinked crossly at the 2 year old . . only my 17yr old (who is so meek and mild natured she doesn't even have the guts to get tough on a mosquito making a meal out of her)

    You have ideas or thoughts??
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'll just throw some ideas out there, but I'm not really sure. One of the other members will probably be more helpful. You should start a new thread on this and you'll get a lot of help.
    Hmm.. Maybe have her spend some time with him to create a bond between the two. Have her start teaching him tricks using the clicker, take him on walks. Also don't have her grab the collar to get him to go out try having her get a yummy treat to coax him out, so that he won't snap at her.
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  5. brody_smom Experienced Member

    Zeus is quite the handsome boy! I have a soft spot for those over-sized yellow labs. We have one in our neighborhood who always makes me laugh because he is so massive, but still runs like a puppy!

    I find his behavior toward your older daughter worrisome, especially since you have such a young one as well. It's awesome that he is so patient toward the toddler, but make sure you are paying attention to him and never leave them alone in a room.
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Zeus is gorgeous! Just love the pic with your little one, he's so tolerant!

    Agree with Southerngirl's suggestions regarding your daughter. And again, agree, start another thread,you're sure to get loads of help.
  7. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Zeus is indeed handsome, I have such a soft spot for big ol' Y. Labs, always have. :love: I do agree with everyone else tho. Maybe start a new thread under the "Behavior" section and we can help you sort it all out. The fact that he's snapping and acting differently toward her, he's definitely communicating and can't be ignored. Something is wrong with their relationship and hopefully with work on everyone's part (not just Zeus'), it can be fixed.
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  8. Gordykins Experienced Member

    I love the Mom tattoo in that one picture! What a handsome guy!

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