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  1. MaryK Honored Member

    I am just so PROUD of Ra Kismet:love:(y)

    Today he passed his biggest test yet, walking on the same side of the road past another dog!:D(y)

    To be strictly honest, it wasn't at tight close quarters, the other dog was slightly removed - but it was on the SAME SIDE within easy reach had Ra Kismet pulled!

    Let me set the scene:)

    On the corner of our street there is a very large, busy gas station with multiple entries and exits, not always used in the correct manner either by motorists. Plus two of the entries and exits are onto a very busy main road. Care and Caution are the key words, especially when walking a dog.

    Rakins and I were waiting for the long queue of cars to exit onto the main road. He was sitting perfectly, his 'road drill/kerb/car/wait' is excellent, so I was able to keep watching for the cars.

    I was also watching for cars 'about to leave' as they can race up to the exit, to be first in line, if there are other cars also ready to leave.

    Out of the corner of my eye I spied Rakins was a alert, nothing more, but definitely alert. However I was too busy watching traffic to really note, as I would normally, his alert sit.

    As the last car, a large four wheel drive, was almost out onto the road, around it's back but heading slightly at an away from us angled to walk across the forecourt, was a very large chocolate brown Lab!!!!!!! Rakins had spotted it I hadn't!

    Took me a second to 'recover' last thing I expected:eek:. I am being very honest here, no point in being otherwise, Rakins did swing his head in the direction of the Lab and I was a little slow and a tad anxious in my Ra Look At Me, so it took about three or four Look at Me's to gain his focus. But the BIG thing is he DID NOT PULL at all. His head was pointing in the 'wrong direction' but his body was following me as we moved off, and the only tautness in the lead was due more to the fact I had originally been holding it half way down (for safety reasons) than to Rakins actually pulling!

    Had we been in a safer place, he would have got the JACKPOT for that grand behavior. But I compromised and as we were walking away held my hand down with a massive load of treats, which the boy daintly ate 'on the move':LOL:

    And some say, not on this forum, that click/treat Positive Reinforcement Training will not work with dogs with 'behavioral' problems or traumatized dogs as Rakins was (note past tense please). He's almost 'back to normal' walking without any problems and all this in LESS THAN ONE MONTH. Started with the clicker August 5/6 worked in the garden for a week before even going out, for very short walks up and down the footpath. So really, for full walks, about two weeks!

  2. Anneke Honored Member

    A big hurray for you an Ra Kismet!!!! Well done, the both of you!!
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Anneke:) I'm still smiling over how well he did:D
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  4. curls139 Well-Known Member

    WOW :) big well done to you. We are having similar strides with the positive reinforcement/clicking. Russ' "dog only" treat is now squeezy cheese (the liver treats didn't work as they were too small and he couldn't taste them) We bring a tube of squeezy cheese out when he sees a dog or a dog barks. \his hackles rarely raise at the sound of another dog, whereas a few weeks ago they would completely raise if a dog barked who was a fair few streets away. He has to really lick at the tube, I don't know whether this is calming for him to concentrate on or perhaps resembles suckling - but we have made MASSIVE strides with this and the day before yesterday were lying down after a game of fetch not bothering about two spaniels playing on the other side of the field, looking at them sometimes but more interested on chewing sticks and at some points even lying down! (clicking and treating about when looking at them nicely). Have also had good experiences when seeing dogs on the street and Russ seems more receptive and can 'hear' what I'm saying (will sit whilst looking) with the squeezy cheese rather than fixating. We also did a two at a time 'look' when we were in a field and two different dogs came from either direction - squeezy cheese is a miracle!! (this wasn't planned - it just happened, I am being careful not to push Russ.
    SO, to the view that positive reinforcement does not work....maybe get some squeezy cheese, and also..please see above-as it seems to be working for these dogs? :cool: So happy for you both :):X3:
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Oh I'm absolutely THRILLED darling Russ is doing so well!:D:love:(y) That's totally AWESOME:D(y)(y)Thank you so much for sharing how he's going, was thinking about him the other day and wondering how he was doing. I couldn't be more delighted for you both((((HUGS TO RUSS))))))))):love::love:

    I think you've got a really good point with the squeezy cheese. It would be soothing, like still suckling with his fur Mom. And it sure is working that's the main thing(y):D
    Sounds like you've got the click/treat off pat (oops no pun intended:oops:) with Russ:D(y)

    You sure have made MASSIVE strides, lying down chewing on sticks, hackles staying down, relaxed and calm, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh you've made my night/week sooooooooooooooooooo happy for you both:love::D(y)
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  6. Dogster Honored Member

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!:D Just fantastic, MaryK, so proud of you and Ra Kismet, how much he has improved over this past month!!!!:) Pretty soon he'll be perfect on walks, he almost is already!!!

    WOW, can't believe Russ is doing so well!!! So happy for you two!!!:D GREAT choice with the squeeze cheese.(y) The best thing is that he's relaxed!!!

    HUGS to all for of you!!!!:love:
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  7. jackienmutts Honored Member

    WOO-HOO!!! Kudos!!! (y):cool::LOL: Awesome job, Mary!!! You both deserve an extra big treat (a big steak for Rakins and big hunk of chocolate for you!!) later!!! :D Having gone thru similar things with my girl, I know how it feels (and still do at times, just had something a few weeks ago) and I know the mixed bag of feelings you have!! You're so proud of him, and joyful, and happy and WHEW!! and you realize that wow, he trusts you've got his back, and it's all gonna be ok, and on and on and on!!!!! And above all, you feel he's the best boy in the whole darn world right now, am I right? :love: Been there, done that. :LOL: I totally get it!! Keep up the good work, bask in the great success, and congrats!!!!!! (y)

    And Curls, great work with Russ!! Sounds like he's doing great, and you've found what works for him. It sounds like the squeeze cheese is a really good reward for him, and licking it takes concentration - and his arousal level is low enough to be able to keep licking, which is fabulous. And you're right, the licking may be a soothing feeling. Whatever it is, it's obviously working - keep it up! (y):D

    Great work you two!!! You guys rock!!! :cool:
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Oh Jackie, you've 'got it' how I feel about Rakins:LOL::love:(y) Yes I do feel he's the best boy in the whole darn world, you sure are right:LOL::love:(y) If you could see his eyes and his whole body language and that tail (only stops wagging when he's investigating an interesting smell, then it's all 'serious concentration':LOL:) when he's out walking now, brings tears of joy into my eyes at times. I just walk along and am brimming with happiness:love: He's just so HAPPY and those eyes, love, trust, intelligence sorry I am one very biased Mom:rolleyes:. He sure does know I've got his back(y) Watching other people with BIG smiles on their faces as they see my happy, cheeky little boy walking along, doing his kerb drill and his little skippy hop at the O.K. cue, that too makes me so happy that my boy brings a smile to others :D:love: Steak and chocolate on the menu tonight, LOL Rakins says 'THANK YOU JACKIE I adore steak, even if Mom doesn't, but she LOVES chocolate:love::LOL: '

    And to cap off my happiness, darling Russ, he's changing so much too and in a short time too! So proud of Russ and his Mom they've done a grand job and LOL love the squeezy cheese:love::LOL: That's a new one but a goodie by the sound of it all:LOL: He's going to be the VERY BEST ambassador for his breed and all those of a similar breed:love:

    And I honestly believe that both Russ and Rakins are also responding to our relaxed happy state of mind. I think I can safely say Russ picks up on his Mom's relaxed manner, just as Rakins does with mine. All round click/treat (with squeezy cheese:LOL:) makes for perfectly behaved gentledogs and very happy Moms:love:
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Dogster:D Yes it sure is FANTASTIC that both Rakins and Russ are making MASSIVE progress:love: Pretty soon Russ's Mom and I will be posting that our boys are walking along PERFECTLY the epitome of the PERFECTLY BEHAVED GENTLEDOGS:LOL::love: Both boys are almost there YEAH(y)(y):love::love:

    Just shows how well click/treat and squeezy cheese (love that one) work with dogs who have had issues(y)(y)

    I am just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy:D:love::D:LOL::D
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