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I'm teaching Guus words, started with leash (spelling?), then added box and finally ball. He now points out the objects I ask for. It took him 3 training sessions of 5 minutes each.

First I taught him "touch". Then I would ask him to touch any of the above mentioned object and as soon as he touched it I would say the word and click. First I held the objects in my hand, later I put them on the floor so he had to walk up to them.

I was wondering how other people teach their dog words and if you might have some tips for me?


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When I first taught Kaine how to stack his bowls, I would use shaping until he understood and figured out what I was asking him. Then, after he understood and we did enough repetitions I add the word and give that cue before he preforms the behavior.

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Do a Google search for the Bridge & Target training method. It teaches dogs to distinguish objects, body parts, etc.


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i taught touch first then added more than one object and named it. touch ball, touch bone, touch kitty. when she was right i click/treat. if not i ignore. she picked it up right away. you can point at first. be sure and keep it short and reset if she gets bored or frustrated. pick up some stuff and set it back down after a couple of tricks she is really good at.


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do you mean ask pup to get them for u?? you bet!! i'm working on phone & remote now. i may always have to say "oops not that" unless the phone is always in its cradle because they are almost identical. :) dogs are good at differential targeting. i think the record is over 300 separate named objects.