Teaching Shy


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I've heard that you can either squirt water at the dog's eyes or blow air at them to teach shy. My only concern is that I don't particularly want to squirt water in Bella's eyes. Are there any other methods I can use to teach this command to her?


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There are a few methodes you could try, to capture the movement of paw coming up to nose.
A piece of tape over the bridge of the nose, dogs hate sticky things on their nose, so they will try to wipe it off with the paw.
A 'scrunchie' ( elastic ring girls use in their hair ) , over the nose.
Blowing air on the nose works with some and not others.
This is defineatly a clicker trained trick, with the click being spot on timing, just before the paw touchs the nose.
Another thing which might work is, paw targeting , starting with dog in a drop, and your hand on the opposite side of the paw you want the dog to use. Ask for 'shake' or 'paw', then C & T.
Hope that helps.


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I thought there must have been some previous info on it before, I couldn't find it. I was probably searching the wrong thread. Thanks for the link, Jean!

Dat123, thanks for the pointers, I'll try some of them out. I tried blowing at Bella but she just tries to eat the air. *LOL*


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Along with the classroom lesson and Dave's tips, I've also heard that using the loop of your leash slipped over the dog's muzzle can be used to teach shy.


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I taught my dog to target something close to his face, and then used a clicker to perfect. :D