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hi guys its been ages (and I found my password :) )
well I have a new member to my family (still have storm 12yrs and koda 6yrs)
everybody meet Tank aka Taylords Armed Forces

hes around 11 weeks old (will be 3months on the 24th)
ill be teaching him clicker training and agility also we have started on his comp obedience


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thanks guys, I love this site everyone is still so welcoming :)
I honestly haven't been on here in roughly 4years good to see its still going strong
yes tank is going to be a big boy his feet are nearly the same size as my other cattle dog already
hes learning heaps,
I was teaching him the basics with just my voice and praise (now starting clicker and food to get faster and fine tuning his sits etc for obedience)
today he has started his formal heeling (just at my side and clicking for his head touching my leg) and also fine tuning his sit at my side instead of anywhere he is lol


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Welcome back:) I'm in luuuvvvv Tank is absolutely gorgeous, a big cuddly teddy bear!:love: And of course, Koda is absolutely gorgeous too, LO can't have the 'older boy' think he's not getting any attention!