Talented Puppy Hero Goes Shopping!


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Well done, well done! Loved it! Hero did a great job pushing that cart.

I know Jasmine, the Canine Personal Assistant. Sundog can't push a regular size cart, but she can push Jasmine's. Jasmine and CJ are a great team. Here are a couple of videos for your enjoyment. (Sometimes I get some good ideas watching other videos.)



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OMD!!!!!!!!!!LOVE ALL THE VIDEOS.:love::love::love:

Hero, you're so smart! Loved the video:love:

Jasmine, you can come live at my house any day - eeeh I will hide the credit card though:ROFLMAO::love:

Wish over here dogs were allowed in ALL shops. The Pet shop allows them but that's all!!!!!!!

One day I hope to aspire to having a dog who's my own personal assistance and shopper:rolleyes:


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You'll have to raise Hero's "appearance fee" cannot have the chap working for next to nothing, especially with all the free advertising the store got:D He deserved all he shopped for!