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  1. Anneke Honored Member

    Last year right before summer break, she came up with survival agility.
    It was soooo much fun to do! Dogs and owners had a blast!
    Here's what she had set up for us.
    The start was a jump, handler and dog had to go over. Then both had to crawl through the cage and get wet as a sprinkler was spraying water over it.
    Then both had to go through the flat tunnel. All the dogs thought this was weird!!:ROFLMAO:
    Another jump
    Then cookie diving(for the dog) and candy bobbing(for us humans) Bowls filled with water with cookies or candy in the bottom
    Go through the tunnel together. Funny was, that Jinx went through twice. She went in first, raced out, when she saw I was coming after her and ended up pushing my bottom end to make me hurry up:confused::LOL:
    The wheelchair slalom. Dog in wheelchair and then through the weavepoles. I was surprised how calm she stayed. I thought she would jump out, but nope. She thought it was interesting:)
    Then there was the catterpillar... Tunnel is on the ground stacked up. Step in and pull it over yourself all the way to the other end. The dog was supposed to do a sit-stay, but Jinx had to see what the... I was doing:D
    Crawl under a piece of plastic together
    Through the tire. I managed it, but we switched to a hoop tied to poles, because some of the bigger ladies couldn't get through. :oops:
    Retrieve an object(for the handler) sit-stay on or besides the box(for the dog) You see a little orange thingy on the roof on the right side of the ladder.
    And finally the hardest thing... we used the table to support part of the dogwalk, with the teeter opposite of it. You had to have your feet on the dogwalk and your hands on the teeter and go sideways. Not so hard untill the teeter tipps over. Then you find yourself hands lower than your feet and that was REALLY hard!!! And hilarious.
    Here is a pic of Amy, the dogschool owners daughter. My pic wasn't taken here(y):sneaky:

  2. running_dog Honored Member

    That looks a lot of fun :LOL:
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    That all looks like a whole heap of fun for all! LOL though Leaf would have belayed for the exit if water was sprayed onto her - she seems to think she'll melt if she gets wet!:D Must suggest this idea to our Dog School for the Fun Break up Night.
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  4. Anneke Honored Member

    Mary, it took some coaching to get Jinx to go through. Although she loves to swim, all water that comes from above is evil!! :rolleyes: I was surprised she did it:)
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Anneke, Jinx is well up on Leaf when it comes to water. Leaf HATES the sea, will run along the beach but YIKES if one tiny little bit of water touches her - you'd think she was about to cross the bridge there and then!:rolleyes:

    LOL glad Jinx did over come her fear of water coming down on her and finally decided it wasn't evil! Leaf did manage at her break up night to 'bob for biscuits' surprising everyone but, somehow, she managed to get the biscuits without getting one single drop of water on her nose or anywhere else!

    Leaf also thinks all water coming down is evil. Refuses to go outside to potty without wearing a coat. And then just pocks her butt out just past the edge of the car port to potty! LOL always know where to head to clean up when it's raining!:rolleyes:
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  6. Anneke Honored Member

    Yes they can be so expressive. My last dog, Shane would look out the door and then look at me with a face that said: You can't be serious? Then would turn around and hide under the bed :ROFLMAO:
    Jinx will go outside when it rains, but if it rains hard, with those large drops, she will squint her eyes and give the sky her evil look. Then she will take the short route and refuse to go any further. Pretty difficult for me, as Cooper couldn't care less about the rain and will want to take the long route. Leaving me with my arms stretched out, being pulled in two directions:rolleyes::LOL:
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Aren't they just!!!!!!!!! Never understand why some people say they cannot 'read' their dog.

    LOL Shane sounds very much like Ms. "Diva" Leaf. She gives me an evil look and, if I let her, bunks back inside and curls up on 'her' chair in the smallest ball imaginable!:ROFLMAO: She's had to be literally carried outside at times and always has to have one of her coats on even then! Rain is her enemy big time! And the ONLY time in her life she cannot be lured out with treats!!!! And that says a lot for the most food orientated dog on this planet!

    Jinx is definitely well up on Leaf. Big drops, small drops, any drops of that terrible dog shrinking rain is enough to send her flying back inside!

    LOL poor you, that must be fun, being stretched in both directions:rolleyes::rolleyes::LOL: Fortunately Zeus is the kind of dog who just accepts with stoic poise whatever is happening, though he's not overly chuffed about rain either. But at least he has the good grace to go out without needing to be carried. Which would be a tad difficult as he's too heavy for me to lift!
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