Stubborn Poodle? (Need Obidence Training Help)


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So I have a 2 year old Poodle named Diesel. For the past couple of months I have been trying to train him Sit and Down. I have used luring, clickers and physical movement (putting him in the sit position) but he doesn't seem to learn. I use hotdogs and cheese (his favorite training treats) and when we go into "training" mode, he is sorta attentative and he still acts like he doesn't know what I want from him when we are done training. I try to get him to sit before feeding, going outside, doing anything but he is slow to respond and acts like he doesn't know anything.

I'm willing to try anything I can to just get him to focus on me more. He has to be looking at me in order to understand what I want from him. I want to be able to get him to perform some tricks before throwing a ball. I have 1 dog training book (101 dog tricks) and tons of training links on my computer. But if you have any advice, please tell me.

Oh and another thing, I tried teaching him "shake" and he just gave up. He was getting it but then 2 minutes into it, he just quit and sulked. We always end training on a GREAT, excited note, but I just don't understand what's wrong :msniwonder:


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What variety is Diesel? How old was he when you got him, and what is his background?

It sounds like you are on the right track and using positive methods. Here are some things I've noticed about the breed...

Poodles tend to be extra sensitive, both physically and emotionally. In my experience, most will shut down if training becomes stressful. Physical corrections tend to be very damaging.
In addition, Poodles also shut down if you request a behavior more than a few times in a row... show them a reason why, or only ask for a couple repetitions.
Your best bet is to focus on light-hearted stuff that makes people laugh at how smart or cute the trick is (not laugh at the Poodle).
Also try to build off of what your dog likes to do (barking tricks, paw tricks, nose tricks etc). Most Poodles like to problem-solve, so you can incorporate that in as well.

Do you have any pictures of him? :)


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So I should make training shorter? Instead of three, 5 minute, sessions a day should I make it shorter like five, 1 minute, sessions?

He's a miniature from a petstore. A no-no, I know now.

He knows how to come and when to quit, so I it won't hurt to use what he likes.

Thank you so much! And I'll add his picture to my avatar.


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Awww.... what a cutie!

manami;10215 said:
should I make it shorter like five, 1 minute, sessions?
That is probably a good idea for now - eventually you should be able to make them longer again.

Does he like to jump? That is something that most dogs enjoy and you can build on it a ton.


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I have found that putting training sessions prior to meal time helps since they are hungary and will do just about anything for food.


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are u using super good meaty treats like pea size chicken, beef, hot dogs, cheese?? if he's not responding to food are you in a quiet place with low distractions? maybe you aren't going fast enough, a lure looses its allure after too long. i don't know that i would lure him at this point. find something he really likes; food, toys, etc and move around don't just stand and wait. walk away with his food and entice him to follow. just before meals when he's hungry would def be best. keep it short for now.

check with vet and be sure there is no medical reason like hearing or sight deficits or some pain/infection.