Stem Cells for Dysplasia in Dogs


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I accedently posted this in the wrong area... so sorry for the double post. :/

My 1 1/2 year old Mastif/Newf/Sharpei/Lab (???, She was a rescue puppy) has very advanced elbow dysplasia. So far the only options my vet has given me have been elbow replacement or just pain relievers/ anti inflamitorys.
I have been researcing other options online and found alot of articles on stem cells dramtically improving dysplasia in dogs.
This is SUPER exciting to me!
I just want to know if anyone has had this done to their dogs and how it turned out? Or just any info on it in general?


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tigerlily46514;18356 said:
Wow, amazing. I know nothing of this at all, i just put a comment here so i can relocate this thread to follow along.

Haha, i havent found anything else really about it. But i still have hope! I would much rather do stem cells than an entire surgery. I feel like it would be an easier healing process. And i have found 4 vets within an hour of my house that do this procedure. I need to call them actually...

Again, if ANYONE knows of anything on this subject let me know!! pretty please.