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  1. vangorm Well-Known Member

    Hey guys! I recently created a topic over in the behavior issues section, but I figured this question would be better suited here. My dog runs out the door and then just runs everywhere, thinking it's a game. I can get her to sit before I open the but her stay isn't good enough yet to resist temptation and duration. So my question is when you guys train stay, which do you work on first? I guess at some point you have to do them simultaneously, but until then, what do you focus on? Or better yet, can you guys walk me through how you taught your dog(s) a good stay?

  2. DevonW Well-Known Member

    I built a release word through crate games and impulse control through it's yer choice (leave it) with Thor first before I worked on his stay. He needs to sit back in his crate before the door opens. If he makes a move towards to door it shuts. I then give him a release word he he has to come play tug with me (which builds drive but it also builds focus on me so I'm more interesting than running around all over the place). If he doesn't play he goes back in the crate and we try again.

    This translated into his stay outside of the crate. Then I built distance first by backing up away from him so I could see what he was doing. If he made a move to get up I'd step back towards him. Then gradually I built it up to walking away from him with my back to him. I always release to play tug so I'm the most fun thing in his environment to begin with and not whatever game of chase/keep away he wants.
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  3. Amateur Experienced Member

    yep same with the back door ... told to sit and stay
    open door (probably just a crack at first)
    (must wait for release word)
    if they move (any movement) door closes
    lather rinse repeat
  4. Linda A Experienced Member

    I love 'later, rinse, repeat'. LOL!!!
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  5. vangorm Well-Known Member

    DevonW: Love the idea of implementing the crate. Annie is crate trained and I've recently started requiring her to stop before coming out, but I'll do what you do now and have her sit until I say 'okay!'. :) Do you say "sit..stay" while he's in his crate or do you just wait for the stay behavior? So you don't use treats for praise? Is there a reason for that or is Thor just more toy motivated than food?

    Good idea with the door too, Amateur. She's pretty good at her stay when I (versus my family) open the door for her to go out for a potty break, but if people are at the door, that's what she views as her big chance to escape. So I guess I can get my family to help me by ringing the doorbell and waiting outside or something and try your method! I also love 'lather, rinse, repeat'! Fantastic!
  6. Mutt Experienced Member

    Well I'm not DevonW, but did teach this the same way (only than with the car).
    I don't give a cue, since it is a behavior I want them to show at all times. I also don't use a treat for these kind of things, as the release is the reward.
  7. vangorm Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I've always just given a treat or toy reward for any behavior. I guess it could depend on the dog too though. Like with my other dog Bella, I'd probably have to offer a treat or get her to do another behavior to get her to get up XD.
    Me: Bella, sit.
    Bella: -sits-
    Me: -click- stay.
    Bella: -stays-
    Me: ..okay!
    Bella: -stays-
    She kind of relaxes as if she's like "hey, I like staying! This is comfortable!" XD

    Annie would possible be a good dog for not using treat rewards for stay though. The person that fostered her jokes with me that if ADHD exists in dogs, Annie is a perfect textbook example. Staying still is not her strong suit. I just worry if she's not getting a treat or toy reward she'll decide the command isn't worth listening to. Although that kind of makes me realize that if that's a concern, I need to work on motivating my dogs with myself rather than food and treats. Would mixing up rewards after a click(treat, toys, extra attention) be beneficial?
  8. DevonW Well-Known Member

    I don't have a word for stay as it's a required behaviour.

    I built the release word via it's yer choice. Once I was down to maybe 2 treats I would say "okay" which means you can take the food from my hand. If they don't go for it I'll tap the treat and say Okay again. Then I built up to toys. If I have a toy in my hand they're not allowed to jump for it and grab it until I say "okay" they have to sit back and make eye contact with me. Then I moved on to a release from a crate/door. I'd walk a few steps away. Say "okay" and shake the toy. You can phase the toy out later but I like it because when I release the dog they come straight to me because I may start a game or have some treats etc and the surrounding environment isn't as tempting especially if your dogs are notorious for keep away like mine are.
  9. blacknym Experienced Member

    I am working on an automatic stay. Deja is being required to stay in position until i release her. My release word is "release". lol I dont use OK as i say it all the time in regular talking. I wanted something different

    Good luck! .

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