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Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by xena98, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. xena98 Experienced Member

    Hi Guys
    Just finished a very hard weekend of agility trialing and have another one happening again this weekend going off to the Riverland for the weekend trialing.
    Last weekend we had our State Agility Championship and competed with all three of my dogs. Xena, Inka and Gabby. Two weekends ago Gabby got her AD title and she also got 2 legs of novice jumping and last weekend she got her last leg of her novice jumping all with first places. So far she hasnt been beaten yet she has still had all first places. What a girl not bad for a 23 month old puppy. Thanks Renae for breeding a brilliant coolie....
    You had to qualify to get in the finals and all of my girls got in so during the weekend I got three novice jumping passes all with first places and a novice agility pass also with a first place. ( 38 second courses and she did it in 16.3 and 16.2 seconds)
    Inka got a 1st in open jumping
    3rd and a 1st in open agility
    2nd and a 3rd in master agility
    3rd in master jumping
    Xena got a 6th and a 1st in open jumping
    5th in open agility
    (not bad considering she is 10.5 years old)
    In the finals young Gabby flopped and failed
    Inka is the 2009 SA State Agility Champion Runner up in Masters Agility
    and also place 3rd in Open Agility and Jumping Masters
    Xena is the the 2009 SA State Agility Champion Runner up in Open Agility (not bad for 10.5 years old)
    So overall had a brilliant weekend and am so proud of my girls

  2. jazzycat New Member

    Yea! Cool Danni!

    What kind of dog is that as your avatar? He's cute!
  3. xena98 Experienced Member

    Hi Jazzycat
    The avatar is my baby girl Gabby. She is a german coolie her brother is on here his name is Ashwyn he is under Opalgirl. I have another coolie Xena and a border collie Inka that I compete with
  4. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Wow, those are great results! :) Congratulations! :)

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