Spotlight/birthday Vids


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I know several people on Youtube have done spotlight type videos for their dogs. I did one for Dingo's birthday about two years ago, he performed a few of his tricks, including skateboard.

Has anyone else done a spotlight/birthday vid for their dogs?


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Your dog is too irresistibly cuuuuuute! What kind of dog is it? I looked on your info, but, like most members, you didn't do a write-up on your dog there.
at any rate, whatever type of dog that is, it is one incredibly good looking dog-------WHAT a sweet and very very expressive face!!


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Thanks Dogster and Tigerlily.
No Tigerlily, Dingo was born in November and Dasy was born in January.
The lady I got him from when he was a puppy said he was a cocker/lab/shih tzu/chihuahua/terrier mix, and I think there is some ACD in his background. At 6 weeks old the biggest puppy in his litter looked like a 12 week old black chow, the run looked like a 3 week old black cocker, the rest were very labby looking.


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WHAT a fascinating mix there!! So your dogs are currently 6 years old, like the video says? Is that right?

GREAT LOOKING DOGS, just love their faces!:love:

Dice Smith

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Yes, yes, OMG yes!!! I just celebrated Sir Kodiak Bear's fifth birthday on June 9. I went all out this year and threw him a HUGE party lol. :D We had so much fun. I actually made two videos, one documenting his party and one a tribute video documenting his life so far. Here they are:

Btw: My cat Jelly Bean actually shares the same birthday with him lol :p
And rouen I can't wait to watch your video cause I'm at home right now and can't watch videos off of dial up. :cry: As soon as I can get to high speed internet I'm so watching your video! ;)
My chihuahua T.C's birthday was June 10. He turned ten. He's growing up too fast. :( Here's his birthday video:
As you can tell, June is a very busy month for me lol :LOL: And perhaps they're a bit too spoiled? :D Wait.... Nope. That's not possible.(y)