spaying and nutering issues


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I am a bit in a panic and have some questions about this issue.

Thursday I have my 4th appointment with a different vet, to ask for my girl to be spayed. so far 3 vets told me that although in North America they do spay at early age, in Germany they are insisting that she has her first heat before. I am really hoping that this vet that I will be visiting this week will agree to it :(
She is now almost 7 months, she could be in heat anytime, and I have to get her fixed, because I am not nutering Sunny, since he will be participating in show. I realize that I can also separate the dogs when the time comes, bring the little guy back to the breeder, but he has been with me only 4 weeks now, and I think separation this early is not so wise.

I also have another question, once Queeny is spayed, will Sunny be humping her? I guess he would try, since they will hump anything and everything, but I am scared that Queeny reacts badly to it, as she is not so gentle with him to begin with. Sorry maybe not everything I say makes sense, I am so wrapped up with this problem, I just wish I could go back on my word, and tell my breeder that I won't be showing Sunny, and have him neutered :(


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Keep shopping around. I had a German vet spay my Bonnie before she went into heat the first time, so it can be done. Too bad we don't live closer, or I'd give you the name and address.

Don't worry about the humping issue for now. They'll sort it out between themselves, most likely, with little real damage done.


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Thanks Bipa, that's a relief to know it can be done in Germany, hopefully my problem will be soved with this visit and early next week we will have the OP. Crossing fingers.


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Spaying/neutering early has been shown to effect how the dog's bones form, so for dogs who will be athletes it's recommended not to spay/neuter until the are fully grown - 14-24 months. Different bones grow at varying speeds, and altering the chemical balance will affect the growth of bones that haven't reached the adult size yet... puppies spayed/neutered before maturity tend to be taller and skinnier, with thier leg bones not having the amount of strength their genes would have provided otherwise.

The issue is small enough in a pet dog (not a major athlete), that it doesn't really make a difference. In your situation it does sound like spaying her soon would be a better option :)

As far as humping goes, it depends on the dog and thier personality. I have an intact male (3 y/o Standard Poodle) who has never humped anyone or anything. He is a dominant dog, and has shown interest in females in heat, but I can call him away without any issues.

Don't resign yourself to guaranteed trouble - especially at this age he'll be very impressionable. If there is a chance you'll be breeding him in the future, just teach him a really solid leave it (not to hump this particular dog) and don't leave them together unsupervised when she is in heat... if you never plan to breed him (for example a dog who is staying intact until they are mature, but then will be neutered as a working dog), you could teach that humping is universally unacceptable.