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    My Sophie is almost 2 yrs old. She is a smaller JRT. She has many human characteristics, my fault mainly. She is a traveling dog. She was born in WV, we took her as a 5 week old pup, and so far she has been to; WV TN IN PA and CA. We are together everyday, all day long. We began her training career in TN, at Petsmart then continued her education in WV where she took 3 more classes. Now, I am training her myself with the help of this website and the members.

    Tricks she known for awhile and does them perfectly;
    SAY PLEASE "beg"
    BANG "play dead"

    Newly learned tricks and still in progress;
    Ring bell to go out (I think she might be ringing to just go out and play)
    FRONT- Front Position
    SIDE- Side position on left side of me
    PUT IT AWAY- putting toys in basket
    BALL, CANDY & PINKY- names of certain toys
    COUNT- having a hard time with this one
    Agility Course- homemade with a tunnel, jump, start/stop boards and around post

    I began teaching her the basic, SIT, DOWN, BANG and ROLL OVER, in WV and in Feb 2012 before she turned 1 yrs old, she won a Pet contest in my towns festival with just those tricks so I'm very proud of her. We have lots of time together so it's pretty easy for her to learn things.

    She has tons of funny habits:
    She has to be covered up at night.
    She's very clumsy and runs into, falls off and breaks a lot of stuff
    She gets obsessed with certain toys.
    She does not do well in a vehicle, she goes crazy if u get into a vehicle without her and she hates when you leave her in a vehicle.
    She loves her daddy.
    She hates being dried off after a bath.
    She hates when you go into the bathroom without her.
    She hates housekeepers, if someone knocks on the door, she wants to love on them so when I pick her up and open the door, she sounds as if she will bite you.
    She will play ball for hours.

    I don't have any children, so Sophie is my child. She has more love than anyone I know.

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  2. jeanniecogan Well-Known Member

    Sophie-jo has a lot in common with my Bonnie. i also have a jack russel. awesome dogs.
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    Sophie is just ADORABLE!!!!!!!:) She knows a lot of tricks too and congratulations on winning the contest! Yes, dogs do have more love than anyone else, I don't have children so my two boys are my 'kids' too:love:.
  4. Gordykins Experienced Member

    She is a teeny little thing! I love her pink zebra striped harness!
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    Oh she is just a precious little thing!! LOVE the sleeping pic, so sweet!
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  6. blacknym Experienced Member

    So sweet!
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