Solas Aka Squids Or Squiddy

Discussion in 'Meet the Dogs' started by Maggi, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Maggi VIP Silver Member

    No idea where the nicknames came just sorta evolved!! Solas is 6yrs, GSD, her name is Gaelic for 'Light'.
    she has lots of tricks:
    paw, high 5, wave, roll over, take a bow, high 10, beg, stand up, spin, back up, play dead, 'Peek a Boo', target with paw or nose, target different coloured discs, fetch, speak, say prayers, right down (look sad),around me, paw on cane. And we're working on marching and shy.
    She's a clever girl and I love her to bits!!
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  2. blacknym Experienced Member

    I love that name!
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  3. Gordykins Experienced Member

    She sounds smart! Is that her in your avatar picture? (Whoever it is, is a good looking dog!)
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Love her name and if she's the dog in the avatar she's one very good looking young lady. Awesome trick list too(y):D
  5. Maggi VIP Silver Member

    Thank you all! Yes, that's my girl in the pic! :)
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  6. Maggi VIP Silver Member

    Here's some new videos of Solas and her pal Kruegar at our agility lessons!

    Hope you enjoy them, all of us are having a great time in our training, and the more I'm doing with Solas, the more I'm having enthusiasm for trying new things! Jackie (Kruegs's Mum) and I went on Sat to watch a HTM competition. I wanted to see the standard of the 'Starters' in the competition to give me an idea of where I was in my work with Solas. I feel encouraged that I think Solas has enough ability to do most things that I would ask of her. What I knew was that I have to work on her attention when there are distractions!!!
    Maggi & Solas :)

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