So I Guess Dandy Got Bored With The Same Old, Same Old...

Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by threenorns, Jul 22, 2013.

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    .... last night i took him to rotary park for a night-time jaunt. i kept him on the leash at first bec there was a bunch of cars parked but there weren't any ppl (probably went canoeing and will retrieve their cars in the morning once they get back to town). he rocketed around at first getting his ya-yas out, then stuck fairly close to me but going here, there, sniff-sniff, paw-paw, piddle-piddle until finally he came and sat next to me at which point i leashed him up and we left.

    on the way home, i stopped by to say hi to a friend working at the gas station and i clipped him outside (there was a shrink-wrapped palette of water bottles, so i poked the clip through the plastic, said "wait" and went inside).

    when i came out, it was the same thing: "OMG, WHERE'VE YOU BEEN!??? WHAT *IS* THAT SMELL ON YOU!? WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME!!?" so i ran him through some simple tricks (which usually calms him down). he was unusually hyper though and kept jumping up on me so i put my hand up in the "stay" position but for some reason i put it up by my chest instead of down by my waist like i normally do and darned if he didn't jump up and tag it with both paws!

    i said "high five??? high five!!!" all excited and treat-bombed him. then i put my hand up again, and he double-paw tagged it again (more rewards). i did it again and so did he - five times in a row.

    so i guess that's our new trick, lol.
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