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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by srdogtrainer, May 9, 2014.

  1. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    So I finally gave in and got a new smart phone. I was wondering if anyone had any specific Apps they suggest specifically for dog owners.
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  2. running_dog Honored Member

    I'm still using a ancient hand me down phone so I haven't any experience of these but what about "Tagg" it's a GPS tracker to keep tabs on your dog?
    I hope you enjoy your new phone :-)
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  3. southerngirl Honored Member

    I recently got one and only dog app I've found is a clicker for when I can't find mine, or forget it. You can probably Google "Dog Apps" and find some.
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  4. Evie Experienced Member

    We're currently in the process of creating a phone app/computer app to store all of your animal's details in eg. vetting, feeding, training, competitions, photos etc. It's going to be pretty epic once it's done.... but it probably won't be done for another 6 months or so at least :/
    I'll definitely be needing people to test it and give feedback in the future though..
  5. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Wow that is awesome! We will definitely be willing to test. Actually I have been really hoping to find an app that specifically tracks training.
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  6. kassidybc Experienced Member

    What type of smart phone do you have?
  7. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    I have an Iphone 5C.
  8. Anneke Honored Member

    I had the clicker app, but found it to be impossible to handle the phone, click(you have to look where you push) and have treats ready and give the cue/handle the dog. The phone is just too big. My markerword is a whole lot easier.
    I found an app that made the squeecky noise, which was funny for about ten times. Then the dogs lost their interest because they knew they can't play with my phone.
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  9. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    I have an ancient Nokia at the mo that doesn't even have a camera so can't be of much help. My partner is due an upgrade in December though so hopefully I will have his hand me down Samsung Galaxy S3 then!
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  10. Gordykins Experienced Member

    I found apps that have AKC and UKC rally signs/explanations and rules. It's convenient for when I'm waiting around somewhere with nothing to do, gives me a chance to drill all of those signs into my head!

    I've found a dog diary too, where you can enter things like training, food, expenses... kind of like a doggy daily planner. I haven't used that one yet though.
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  11. kassidybc Experienced Member

    A good "just for fun" app for iPhone (they have it for Android also) is Dog Agility 3D. You get to play as a dog (and pick what breed you want) and go through different agility courses. It's fun and good when you need to pass a few minutes while waiting in line or something. It has a few reviews on the App Store of people saying that it doesn't work for them, but it works fine for me. I don't have any suggestions for useful apps lol but sometimes you just have to have fun and play a game or two! ;)

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