Silly Jinx


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Ohhh, that's SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!:love: Jinx has soo uch fun with the squeaker!!!! You could tell she was smiling!!!!:)


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Lol that's too cute.:p
Missy also loves squeaky toys, once she destroys them I let her play with the squeaker for a day than I throw it away cause I don't want her choking on it. I can be a worry wort when it comes to Miss.


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I wonder why I by expensive toys...
I'm the same with the budgie - we have tried buying her expensive budgie toys etc, but she is happiest when she can play with a normal everyday object like destroy a bit of paper or throw playing cards off the table, one by one, when we are trying to play. She ignores her bought toys and plays with anything 'normal'...! We also bought 'proper' perches for her but she like the twigs we have picked up for her when out on walks...!


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Lol, Dogster, my dog Buddy has zero interest in sticks, none at all.
one day, a visitor dog who loved loved loved sticks came over to play with Buddy.

and Buddy watched that dog all day long. This dog was always finding sticks, and he would chew the bark off of the stick, and just gnaw around on the stick, too, and walk around with sticks in his mouth all the time.
Buddy just watched and watched all that, just couldn't stop watching all that stick chewing.

Next day, Buddy was out there by himself, looking around for sticks,:LOL: and when he found one, he'd walk around with a stick in his mouth for a while, then he'd lie down and chew on it for a while, as if testing out what is this chew-stick stuff all about. Buddy also tried out peeling the bark off like that other dog had done.
but, Buddy must have decided sticks are not that fun, cuz Buddy never ever did that again.

too funny....:ROFLMAO: Buddy was obviously just imitating the dog behavior he'd seen the day before!!!!!:ROFLMAO: