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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by Siena, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Siena Active Member

    Siena is still a work in progress ...
    She is now 8 months and is constantly asking for the door. I really do not think it’s a uti but I am monitoring just in case (and she was spayed about one month ago and all was ok at the Vet).

    The constant asking for the door has been going on for the past 2+ months and it is driving me nuts;
    -is she bored
    -is she not able to hold for a long period of time
    -hard to tell if its play or need
    She’s been clean for quite some time and even stopped using the pee pad, but the last month she’s been using it again.

    She was at a ‘home boarder’ for 2 days 2 weeks ago and did the same thing; she was constantly asking for the door and when the lady did not pay attention, she would make a mess. It was difficult for the Boarder to tell if it was play or need. This is a problem for future boarding.

    I’ve been home since I have her – just going out for errands, so I have been able to let her out when needed and monitor her – but maybe I let her out too much? It has happened that I was out for 5-6 hours and there
    was no accident. How do I break this constant asking for the door? The boarder recommended that I retrain her – crate, etc? Thanks, Sue

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    Mazzel also always asks to go outside and then go inside and than go outside (on and on and on ;)).

    With him it is because he wants to be outside (he loves to roam around in the yard), but also wants to stay in touch with us (if you get what I mean). In the summer when all doors are almost constantly open, he checks in every now and than and than goes outside. But now it's winter, the doors are closed and hen asks (or should I say demand :ROFLMAO:) to go outside/inside. I have to say I don't really mind (yes I'm very well trained by my dogs :p).

    So I don't really think that it is because she needs to go potty. How many times do you walk her?

    How you can break it? I think being consequent, not giving in to asking to go outside (like I said I'm perfectly trained ;)). House trained means that a dog can hold up it's need to go potty until you are going on a walk (given that there is a reasoble amount of time between them). If your dog has to constantly ask to go outside because of need, than that means he isn't fully house trained yet.
  3. Siena Active Member

    I think she has me well trained also.
    She asks for the door when she needs to go but also or mostly because she loves to play. I'm trying to get her back on a schedule since her surgery about one month ago and we had extreme cold weather at the same time. She gets walked 2 day and we'll be starting another round of obedience classes soon - so that will keep us all busy. I can't tell if because of the surgery she was a little off but it makes it very difficult to board her in a home.
    Thank you.
    Gotta love our fur babies ... :confused:

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