should my puppy have a crate?


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Absolutely! CrateKennel Cab Traditional
Doskocil Kennel Cab Traditional by Doskocil / Petmqte is a portable kennel that features seat belt slot, shoulder strap eyelets, storage compartment a... training should begin the moment you bring the young pup home. As you walk in the door, pup in arms, the crate should be there, properly equipped, as a retreat for the youngster from that day forward. If the pup's acclimation to his new crate is performed thoughtfully and patiently, there is no reason that your pup's crate should not become its friend for life. However, if mistakes are made at this critical time, a puppy and, then later the grown up dog, can come to loath and detest this small space that should have become his home.


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yes yes. make it a great place to go and make sure puppy is willingly going in by hiding treats inside and putting safe chewies and food inside. never stuff puppy in there to punish. i love the crate games DVD as puppy gets older it's a great example of positive association.

crates also set puppy up to succeed since he'll hesitate to potty in his den and won't be able to get into danger or destroy things. be sure to give frequent potty, play, exercise breaks. always potty right away, always when releasing, carry outside if needed.

puppies don't have control over elimination muscles until 6-9 mos. so 30 minutes may be max for some pups. always potty after eating, play, exercise, excitement, or sleeping. used correctly ur crate can be you most valuable tool. just don't expect to leave all day and go to work with a young puppy. that's going to fail and he will potty in tithe crate and be miserable. 3 hours max is a good start. preferably less if u can manage.