Shivon- Whippet/lab Mix

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    Name: Shivon
    Sex: Female (spayed)
    D.O.B. : December 7th, 2010 (age: 2)
    Breed: Whippet/Labrador Retriever mix
    Weight: 30 pounds
    Nicknames: Vonnie, Shivonnie, 'lil cutie
    Favourite Toy(s): Salty Dog Canvas tug toy, Orange ball, Sheep toy
    Favourite Food: cheese, peanut butter, any kind of meat, yogurt,... (basically anything humans have to eat, lol)
    Favourite things to do: tricks, agility, playing tug of war, RUNNING, playing with her doggie friends, sleeping
    Favourite Tricks: shy (bows and hides head), bang!, ashamed, prayers
    Dislikes: Having her nails cut, baths, rain, cold weater, extreme heat
    Bad Habits: Counter surfing, not coming when called, digging in the backyard








    Trick List:
    1. sit
    2. respond to a clicker
    3. lie down
    4. play dead (on side)
    5. roll over
    6. paw and other paw
    7. high five
    8. high ten
    9. beg
    10. spin (both ways)
    11. paws up
    12. touch
    13. kisses!!
    14. over (leg)
    15. through/weave
    16. wipe your paws
    17. paw target
    18. touch
    19. head in between paws
    20. roll in a blanket
    21. take off my socks
    22. bubbles
    23. say your prayers
    24. figure eights
    25. ashamed
    26. back up
    27. crawl
    28. U-turn (both ways)
    29. backwards weave
    30. basketball/dunk it
    31. clean up
    32. cross paws
    33. hold a pacifier
    34. jump (bar)
    35. jump (up and down)
    36. stay
    37. come (we will be working on this forever)
    38. wait (at door)
    39. wait (before eating)
    40. go to your place
    41. heel
    42. loose-leash walking
    43. fetch (anything)
    44. drop
    45. balance anything on nose
    46. open book/box
    47. close book/box
    48. cop-cop (forwards and backwards)
    49. let's go!
    50. slow down
    51. jump
    52. tunnel
    53. A-frame
    54. chute
    55. tire
    56. table
    57. dog walk
    58. ring toss
    59. hold a paintbrush/marker
    60. paint with a paintbrush
    61. stack cups (one into the other)
    62. stack cups (tower)
    63. play the piano
    64. draw with a marker
    65. sip straw trick
    66. shy- bows and hides head
    67. corner (sticks nose in corner)
    68. push a ball
    69. hold/carry an object
    70. around (object)
    71. around (me)
    72. hug my arm
    73. hold+hug a toy
    74. hang a Christmas ornament
    75. hold+around (wrap tinsel around Christmas tree)
    76. cover yourself with a blanket
    77. fold a towel
    78. hug my leg
    79. 2o2o targetting
    80. nose touch with duration
    81. make a face
    82. conga line
    83. clutch cane/stick with left and right paws
    84. pull a zipper
    85. take off my sweater
    86. bang! (dramatic dead)
    87. balance and catch treat (on nose)
    88. drink (holds cup and swings head back)
    89. doggy push-ups
    Currently working on:
    1. recall (we will be working on this for a while)
    2. teeter
    3. weave poles
    4. "get me a tissue" trick
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Ah finally the beautiful Shivon has her profile on D.T.A.:D

    She's adorable and her trick list is staggering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One very smart dog and an excellent trainer!:D

    She's a beautiful model too love her pictures and the vids are awesome!!!!!!!!!:love::love:
  3. jeanniecogan Well-Known Member

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  4. Gordykins Experienced Member

    Shivon is a pretty girl! She's only 10 days older than Gordy is :)
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  5. sara Moderator

    She's soooo pretty! and you take ridiculously good pics of her!!!
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  6. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Whoa! That's a heck of a trick list!!!!

    What a sweet looking puppy she was! Love her pink coat...very stylish!!!
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  7. Dogster Honored Member

    Thank you everyone!!!:)
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