Shipping A Puppy.


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well mister/miss field lab will not be coming home for at least another year (give or take a few weeks), but i have no knowledge on shipping a puppy; especially out of the country.

i would drive, but it's about a 3 day drive just to get there. -___-
so flying is my only option really (especially cause i'll only be getting my permit february of 2013 :p).

anyway, who has experience shipping a pup? especially out of the country?
i am located in the United States, the breeder is in Canada, so not that bad. haha.


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I've never done it myself but I know of a few friends who had the puppy shipped out - the breeder sorted it out and they paid for it - can your breeder not do that?

If not here are a few links to start you off:

I've just had a quick glance and it seems quite complicated - are you going over to the puppy or just having the puppy shipped to you. If the latter is the case you will need the breeders co-operation as you need forms from the vet and someone to bring the puppy to the airport. Also how old will the puppy be? It seems the requirements are different for puppies over 16 weeks of age plus the minimum ages is 8 weeks as far as I can tell.

Good luck with getting your new puppy - I hope you enjoy him/her:). I love your spaniel by the way - so cute! Do you hunt? Or do you just love the breeds?


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another option would be rescue a local but homeless labrador:

Turns out, there are over 1,000s and 1,000s of homeless labs, of all colors, in Pennsylvania who would love to come home
to a dog lover like you!! &location=pennsylvania&startsearch=Search

If link above is no good, you could start from the Petfinder home page:

I'd never 'buy' a dog and $upport a breeder with my wallet, but, if i did---------- i'd be suspicious of a breeder who ships his dogs to strangers.
I'd hope this breeder does extensive health testing, and can present evidence that he is not adding the rampant diseases in purebreds, fully investigating the entire family tree of both parents for inheritable diseases.
If this breeder has not vetted YOU extensively, requiring interviews, references, home visits, lengthy forms for you to fill out stating how you plan to raise his pups, vet's refernces, etc, -------this breeder might NOT be a responsible breeder. It's never too late to change your mind.


I wonder if you have any of these "Top Reasons" a person wants to 'buy' a dog???===>