She's STEALING me??


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My Buddy did most hilarious thing the other day, might not be as funny when read as it was watching it, but, the other day, me and Buddy were walking a pal out to her car parked on the street. I stopped at the end of the driveway, but Buddy didn't seem to notice this, and Buddy happily followed Vicki down the street to her car, he apparently thinks we are all 3 going for a ride...?

Vicki opened her car door and urged Buddy to get in. Buddy set one paw onto the car floor, and then looked over at me, standing in our driveway, and realized i am NOT coming too........:dogohmy:
and then Buddy BOLTED AS FAST AS HE COULD RUN, I MEAN AS FAST AS HE COULD RUN, with the whites of his eyes showing, :dogblink:and ran!!! and actually, literally HID behind a bush in our yard, :msngiggle:and watched Vicki through the bush with much suspicion. BAH HA HA!!

Maybe Buddy thought he was being dog-napped!!?


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yeah, i laffed so hard, looking at Buddy crouching down, hiding, kinda glaring at Vicki, ws freakin hilarious. She called over to him, "Oh, i can still see you, Buddy!" :msngiggle:

Doesn't it sound like Buddy thought she must be taking him from his beloved home ? Guess we'll never know for sure, but, by watching it, it sure seemed like that is what Buddy thought!!


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Lol, Mudflap wouldn't have cared. If a car door is open and she's invited, doesn't matter if it's a dog catcher, she'd probably leap right in. (Probably, lol. Never had that situation so not sure.) One of her most favorite things in life is car rides. Nothing is better than car rides.

Silly Buddy. Who knows what he thought. :dogwub:


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haha crack me up, storm will quite often think this too, ive seen what you just told us, it is funny to watch (glad im not the only one with a dog that thinks that)

he'll even do it to my mum if im not getting in the car, he barks well down the road if i dont get in the car too, kodas just happy to get in the car, she jump into my trainers car the other day, and looked as if 'well are we going now seeya later penny'


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Kratos has done the same thing almost. He was in the middle of hopping into my friend's car. With the words "Kratos what are you doing?" he bolted back to the house like 'Mom you almost let them take me away!!' I started cracking up without meaning to. I swear these dogs get some weird thoughts and looks.


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Yeah it is hilarious! Buddy LOVES LOVES LOVES car rides, oh he does!!! But he sure was glaring at my "evil dognapper" friend while "hiding" in the bushes...Even just witnessing a dog crouching and "hiding" behind a bush, is too funny!! with his tail and back legs showing beside the bush...only his face and chest were 'behind' the bush.

So interesting that other dogs have done the same thing!! What a hoot!!! TOO FUNNY about the dog barking all the way down the street!! "Mom!! Help me!! i'm over here, being dognapped!!Help! Help!!"

I've always thought it is interesting, if you blow a puff of air into a dog's face, they HATE it, my dog might even growl if you blow into his face, or at least, give you the evil eye.
But, stick a dog in a car, what's the first thing they do? STICK THEIR FACE OUT THE WINDOW, into the wind! what's up with THAT!! Ha ha ha!!