SheilaKathy & Babygirl the mini doxy


Hi, She came home to be with me 3 years ago, Martin Luther King Day, and she's my entertainment, watachdog, friend and companion. I am a widow and live alone, so that last is very important. We live in the mountains of North Carolina and just moved here recently. My cousin is probably here somewhere, she invited me to this site. Looking forward to hearing from you, SheilaKathy:msngrin:


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Welcome to the site! I have 2 mini Doxies, both are deaf and sight impaired, and learning tricks too! Mouse and Boo are definately NOT watchdogs though! they're more cuddly couch potatos :)

Jean Cote

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Hi SheilaKathy! Welcome to the D.T.A.! :dogsmile: Mountains of N.C. eh? I'm Canadian. :D How about we see a picture of your dog?


OK, I put an image of her romping in the snow here in NC as our avatar, hope you like that. I have to get someone to shoot a shot of both of us working together. She loves to go to nursing homes and cheer up the residents there. We'll probably do that sometime soon...


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Watchdog, huh? My dog would be terrible at that. (She would see an intruder and go HI! LOVE ME! Haha.)
Mountains of North Carolina? I'm jealous! That sounds way more fun than boring old Ohio.