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Discussion in 'Dog Grooming' started by pikachu_10, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. pikachu_10 New Member

    alway make sure that you dont use human shampoo to your dog.
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  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    good tip.
    BATHING SO HELPS with shedding....knocks it right off all at once, instead of 100s on my floors day after day....
    I bathe Buddy (and condition) every 2 weeks during his spring and fall shedding seasons.

    and we can use LATEX GLOVES worn on our hands, to remove pet hairs on our sofas, car seats, or clothing...
    who knew?
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  3. Raider_25 Member

    I have to brush my dog everyday doesn't seem to help much, well atleast he sits still through that. it feels like he sheds throughout the year
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    yeah, many breeds and many dogs do shed all year long

    My particular dog doesn't noticeably shed all the time, only slightly. But wow, in spring, and in fall, he has major blow-out for about 2 weeks, wow....and bathing him then really helps knock off all that fur in one fell swoop.
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  5. Raider_25 Member

    Washing does get a lot of hair out, then ill brush him the next day and woosh almost a whole packet full of it.. Its not like he is a long haired dog either.. Sometimes I wanna take him for a shave, but how cruel will that be lol.. Oh and how stupid will he look
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  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    oh, i hear you on that one! My last dog WAS a major, all year, shedder! oh boy, was he! The day after i brush him,
    and vaccuum every room,
    i could spot a hairball the size of a tumbleweed blowsing across my floor!
    i DID "butch" that dog every summer! He did look cute, actually, but he acted weird for a day or so after, but he got over it.

    Many dogs get "summer do's" to keep them cool, too. I trim out Buddy's hair every summer, too, not a total butch like my last dog,
    but i do cut it shorter and thin it out for him in the summer. But you can't do it in the winter..
  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    do you use one of those of shedding tool brushes? I have a slicker brush, but i'd like to try one of those special deshedding brushes that don't have the metal you have one?
  8. southerngirl Honored Member

    with how much Missy sheds I could make a blanket out of it. I'll sweep and vacuum the floors over and over and there would still be dog hair. Gah
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  9. mewzard Experienced Member

    Oka sheds quite a bit. I have a "furminator" and is honestly the best £40 i have ever spent on her. It takes the under coat out without touching the top coat - i know this as her undercoat is cream and top hairs are black. I can fill a carrier bag with hair and not have to do it for a day.
    The Winter->spring shed is a killer, i could pull clumps of loose fur out of her coat all day and still have a white carpet and sofa. The furminator is brilliant and reduces shedding a ton, makes it so much easier to deal with.
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  10. Raider_25 Member

    okay so since its summer i bathe him once a week.. and still the shedding is exactly the same.. i even got the shedding brush for him and it doesnt work.. this "furminator" isnt sold in my country or the shop assistants just dont know what im talking about. sucks big time at least an hour a day brushing my doggie. even he is starting to get annoyed with it
  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

  12. charmedwolf Moderator

    Mewzard, glad that the furminator works. I have the shed ender for Kratos and it works great.

    Raider- Try asking for a shedding blade, or a shedding comb even a slicker brush would do. That is what I used to call them when I showed.
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  13. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    My older Border collie seems to shed all year round, Zara and Bella not so much at the minute. Alsthough Zara is a short coated collie so its hard to tell as having three dogs we get tons of hair and never know whos is whos lol. I seem to be constantly having to brush Jenny especially her back legs. They seem to shed a lot.
    Bella always has a trim on her back end and thighs in summer which is such a shame because when it grows out the tips are chocolate brown. She's normally a black and white collie but in summer always gets a hint of brown there and on her mane tuft near the ear. Although shouldn't be suprised her mum or dad was a brown and white collie after all.
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  14. mewzard Experienced Member

    i would see if you could get one online, they really are worth it. We have a medium sized one despite having a GSDx but it only takes a little more time.

    I wouldn't suggest bathing that ofteen - it damages thier coat which could make them shed more. Oka has a bath if she is filthy and didn't have one last year at all.

    A shedding blade could be good - i have a slicker brush but to be honest it was rubbish on Oka's coat.

    One other benefit i have discovered with the furminator (but is possibly true of grooming tools in general) is Oka gets really relaxed and falls asleep by the end.:sleep:
  15. Raider_25 Member

    i have the shedding comb at home, ill have to check the furminator.. if they do have it online, it will be approx 4000 which is abit much so im gna have to work at that! lol having a dog that sheds alot really aint cool! but at the end he makes it worth it
  16. mewzard Experienced Member

    look to see if you can find a copy product...i'm sure i have seen one online - i'll pop back with a link if i can find one.

    a copy could be cheaper.
  17. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //"I wouldn't suggest bathing that ofteen - it damages thier coat which could make them shed more."//

    maybe all dogs are different, but wow, when Buddy is freshly bathed, he is silky soft and shiney, and sheds almost zero for quite a while. Lol, it main reason i DO bathe him, to stop the shedding during his 2 shedding seasons.
    Otherwise Buddy gets baths every two weeks for a month in the fall (shedding month)
    and again for a month in the spring(shedding month)
    and almost no baths in winter time not ever,
    and maybe a few summer baths, depending.

    AND the numerous DE-SKUNK baths he invariably needs a few times a THAT deskunk mixture DOES leave his fur kinda funky for a few days...but, it recovers in a few days.

    But just regular puppy tearless shampoo doesn't damage my dog's coat at all, not at all. but, yeah, probably every two weeks, all year round, might indeed dry up their skin. i bet it would.....

    but during shedding season, it just knocks it all off at once, in one day, like magic....gone. no harm done.

    People remark how luxurious his fur is for weeks after a bath, really, he is so soft, ppl can't keep their hands off of him after he's had a bath........he just gleams. His white fur is glowing brilliant white, and his black hair just shines and shines... Ppl remark how handsome he is as they go by, cuz he is so shiney and so so soft. He is a "glam" dog for while!:ROFLMAO: ha ha!

    but, i also use doggie "conditioner", too, whatever fragrancy kind is on sale.
    If i run out, i have used human hair conditioner on him, too, seems to work fine, but just doesn't smell as good for as long.

    I'm so tempted to try one of those brushes, Mewzard.
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  18. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    There are a few cheaper versions of the Furminator out. Of course, now that I'm actually looking for them the only one that comes to mind is the FurBuster. Lol!

    The FurBuster--these are available at WalMart and many other places, Petsmart even sold them at one time. This is just the first website I found them on.

    I have the Furminator and the FurBuster, and while both work good, I do see a difference in the two. The Furminator does seem to do a slightly better job, but the FurBuster does well too. Really the only reason I bought the Furminator was because I worked at Petsmart at the time and we had the whole grooming kit clearanced out, plus I got my employee discount, so it was a steal.

    The Kong ZoomGroom tends to work better on some short-haired breeds, and is quite a bit cheaper at around ~$10. When I worked in a salon for a while, I tried to test both on looooots of breeds. The ZoomGroom seemed to do tooooons better on Greyhounds and other sighthound types, ***some*** Pugs, ***some*** Labs, some Weimaraners, Boxers, a few Huskies..... Really kind of trial and error, as for some breeds it may work great on this Lab but not another, or this Weim but not another, etc. You can use it for bathtime or just as a brush. For dogs with long coats(long as in actual length, not thickness--Shelties, BCs other than shorthaired, Flat-Coated Retrievers, etc) the ZoomGroom is not a good idea for regular brushing, I would think this would just tangle the hair more than actually brush it. Unless you only went one direction, which isn't exactly how it's intended to be used and then it's more of a massage tool. Lol!

    Slicker brushes are best for really thick coated breeds, or longer haired dogs. They aren't really intended for shedding, but more for regular maintenance. Although they do a great job when those breeds are blowing their coats. I use a slicker on Mud just for regular brushing, and for my bf's dog Dixie, who has a similar coat. Slickers are good for Poodle-types and similar coats as well.
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  19. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Raider_25, from your pic it looks like your dog doesn't have a very long coat....if you take him to a groomer you might ask if you can try a ZoomGroom; many of them keep these around. :)

    Also just a good thing for anyone to be aware of....excessive shedding can be a sign of allergies. We had a shorthaired BC mix in the salon once that shed an insane amount...the woman brought him in for a Furminator treatment(shampoo, conditioner, and brushing with the tool) and it was crazy how much hair we got off of him--but it never stopped! (Of course you can brush too much with a Furminator, but this was not the case with him....) It was basically like he was blowing his coat--every few minutes and all year round, lol! I have never ever seen a dog that shed like he did...and his skin and coat both were very dry. Fortunately for her a simple food change fixed the issue, but dogs can be allergic to all sorts of things in their environment.
    Other signs of allergies can also be lots of scratching or excessive licking or chewing of the paws or legs(which can get bad enough that they will actually lick themselves raw).

    Just thought I'd mention this in case anyone reading might have a dog that has an unknown allergy issue rather than a simple shedding problem...
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  20. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //"Also just a good thing for anyone to be aware of....excessive shedding can be a sign of allergies. "//

    wow, good to know. Interesting. I didn't know that. I wonder if that is why my last dog shed so so so much, is he was fed the most horrible dog food, but, i didn't know at the time, that the ingredients used in dog food mattered. I had no idea how to pick a good dog food, what to look for, what those odd words in the ingredient list even meant, etc.

    The itching, and licking paws thing reminds me of a relative's dog. Instead of switching to healthier dog foods, the dog was put on steroids:oops: and various other drugs, and the side effects of long term use of those drugs also took yet another toll on the dog's health.

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