Scabs on Back


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Hello Everyone!

Luke has scabs on his back, and alot of them... but some are just little bumbs

the scabs flake off every now and then only to leave his a little gray circle in its place, I can tell they are itchy as he is trying to bite his back.. but I am not sure of the cause of this..

I looked it up on google and the only thing they sound like are "hot spots" ??

I am thinking I taking him to the vet this week as they are not going away and he's had them for a month now... :(

Any suggestion what they might be??




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I am going to the vet tomorrow to see what I can find out, one of my friends told me it may be that he is having an allergic reaction to bug bites or its his foods... :( I am going to change his base food from chicken to some other meat...

oh here is a pic of the marks..


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Your picture looks pretty typical of summertime allergies/hives. Allergy shots would probably help but ultimately you'd probably want to have an allergy test run to find out what it is your dog is allergic to in the first place. Could be just about anything!


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Thanks ruffmutt9z, I had a feeling thats what it may be.. but my friend warned me about allergy test that they are not always right... and are alot of money
(which I don't have) Well I will post again tomorrow after the vet visite to update on his condition.. what a nice birthday gift for Luke a vet trip.. lol

And oh that pic is a week old they are a litle worse now.. :(


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Back from the vet, and Luke has a skin infection! :( Not sure how this happened... but she gave me anti-biotics called Novo-Lexin 250 MG (1 tablet 2 times a day for 2 weeks) and shampoo called Pyoben to use once a week.. and I have to leave the shampoo on him for 20 minuets before rinsing it off....

I did buy him a different brand of dog food, changed it to Solid Gold - Holistique Blendz
and took him off of Before Grain by marrick... I think that was to high fat for him...but we shall see...

She also told me Luke is over weight... Well I have been trying to tell my whole family that for months!!

I am happy my mother hears it from the vet and now she's going to stop feeding him human food... ARG!

He's a mini but almost border-lining the weight of a standard dachshund...

I feel like my efforts of trying to raise a healthy dog are being corrupted by people that think I am over reacting because I am only a first time dog owner...and they know more...

It's exhausting....

well sorry I really didn't mean to make this out to be a rant.. I didn't realize how upset I am... :(



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obese dogs.

Well, Doxies are hard to keep trim anyway, VERY prone to obesity. I just tripped across this thread (while searching for how to upload photos in a thread,) and thought i'd see whatever caused the scabs. Hope your dog is fine now.

My inlaws all have doxies, and theirs are too fat to walk, :dogohmy:at all. It's so sad, they actually carry their doxies outside to pee, and then carry them back into the house and put them on the sofa again. No walking at all. Ever.

Their feet do not touch the floor, cuz their belly is so big. They look like they are going to explode or blow up,:party: like balloons with lil leg stubs sticking out from the sides. (the leg stubs do not come out from the bottom of the dog, but the leg stubs come out FROM THE SIDES of the dog's torso..cuz the belly spreads all out all over the floor, the legs can't touch the floor...):omg:

they feed the dogs all the time, all kinds of people food.:dogohmy:
The dogs hips eventually went out, and their spines are ruined, and they are now immobile. And most likely in pain i'd imagine.:msnheartbroken:
Now the family tells ppl the dogs are fat because their hips went out. (it's vice versa).

They hold lil pans of ice cream under the doxie's chins,:msneek: cuz the doxies are too fat to walk over to get to the pan.

Both of these extremely obese doxies have skin problems, <---severe SKIN PROBLEMS, probably allergies to all the human food, but they won't stop feeding them crap...

as well asmultiple serious health problems..

NO one, NO vet can get them to stop. they search for vets who won't puke:msnsick: with anger:slap: when they see these unbelievabley obese dogs, and most likely warn the vet office ahead of time to not yell at them or they will leave.

They refuse to change how they feed their dogs, and feel their dogs are the luckiest :msnrolleyes:spoiled :yhug:dogs ever.

They say,:msnohyes: "Oh but he likes ice cream so much!" It's so wrong.:dognowink:

I silently (i'm silent now--i've given up)
I silently think :msnzip: "He'd like walking and playing even more than ice cream though..." (no one can tell them otherwise..... to them, food = love.)

To me, that is abuse,:grrrrrr: to make a dog that fat. These dogs count on us to make sensible decisions for their welfare.

My guy, (from this same family of dog overfeeders) (weirdly, the humans are not fat, jsut the dogs) when i first met him, his last dog was obese, but, HIS wasn't a doxie so it had half a chance to keep moving....Doxies are extra-screwed if they get fat.

i kept telling him, "that is NOT 'loving' the dog! that is hurting the dog!" Wow, is it HARD to get weight off a dog that is fat...
....sure was...

Food is NOT love. Feel free to show this note to your mom, (if she is still feeding human treats to your dog) so your doxie won't end up like my inlaws doxies. It starts out as "just a lil overweight"....and snowballs.
THEN their hips go out, and there is no hope then...

It's ABUSE not love.
It's shocking, because they are otherwise lovely and reasonable people, just completely blind to the notion food is not loving a dog.

They started slipping crap to my Buddy to eat, and i made them stop. I had to be surprisingly assertive and reeeeeeeally hold my ground on this, i had to repeat it, many times, over and over....they thought i was kidding, "A dog who won't get treats?" they cried, pitying my border collie(<---- who knows treats are tiny bits of lean meat.)

and they were stunned :surprised:and thought me very cruel cuz i didn't think Buddy needed cake and ice cream, and table scraps, and rolls, and tons of desserts, etc etc etc.
But Buddy has escaped the family curse of fat dogs, :yipi: FIRST ONE IN YEARS that is NOT fat!!
Buddy is trim and fit and healthy and runs and plays. and he doesn't even know what ice cream IS, but, he seems perfectly happy dispite it!!:dogbiggrin: We find other ways of entertaining ourselves besides "watching his face while he eats ice cream.":dognowink:

Buddy's idea of nirvana is walking in the woods with us, or a brand new laundry basket, or playing with a good dog pal, or running in an empty fenced in school yard, or, could that be a bunny over there?? or doing some tricks or some agility...not food.

(if i let them even give Buddy a small dish, they'd take an inch and turn it into a mile, i have to be all the way 100% strict with this particular batch of humans, haha):msngiggle:

uhm, sorry for rant. :msnblush: ......back to my search through old threads, haha!!