Safely Boarding Babygirl For 3 Weeks? (aprox.)

What's the longest time you've ever boarded your dog?

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Hi, Would you by chance have any recommendations on boarding her so that she is not tramatized by it? I have a nice lady who is willing, actually giving me a reduced rate, becuz, my daddy died and I am going to his memorial service far away from here and cannot take her with me.

I've heard that giving her a shirt of mine to keep her feeling at home would be good (she stole my t-shirt last week, she probably knows something's up already!)

I have a bag of food for her, all ready to go with her and her fav toys, etc.

Any other suggestions?




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I've had to board my dogs for two weeks. You are definitely more stressed than your dog are at this point. Just keep things like normal and it should help her out. Your shirt will help her. It's something with your scent that will keep her calm while boarding. Make sure you have enough food packed but don't be concerned if she doesn't eat the first few days while she is boarding, it's normal. She is stressed and stressed dogs don't eat.

A "fake" boarding day is good for some dogs. Visiting the boarding area for the day gives her the experience of being in the area where she will stay. Obviously, this isn't always available for some people.


Thanks, I wish we could board her for a day or at least visit the place, I've not seen it or met the lady yet and it is stressing me greatly, though my Pastor gives her good approval rating and she is giving me a bereavement rate which I am soooo grateful for!