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    My name is Genell and I have a 9 year old Cattle Dog,named Saba. She is well behaved,but you can never teach a dog like her too much stuff. Lol
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    I truly believe,
    with alllllllll my heart and marrow,
    that we CAN teach ANY dog tricks. any age, any dog, any breed at all.

    Maybe some dogs will not care for this trick, or that trick, but ALL dogs can learn most tricks, all of dogs can do this.
    some dogs, we have to discover what motivates that particular dog.
    some dogs we have to tweak the methods used to train that particular dog. (luring, free-shaping, capturing, etc )

    but ALL dogs can learn tricks! ALL OF 'EM!!:D

    for beginner dogs, it's important to keep all trick lessons super short, while they build up their attention spans. I have a relative, who insists on trying to get her puppy to pay att'n for 45 minute lessons, by now---her dog is no longer paying att'n,
    and then she stands up and says, "See? my dog can't learn tricks, he won't pay attention.":(
    but, her dog CAN, but she needs to keep beginner lessons SHORT til dog develops ability to pay attention longer.

    LIke keep lessons only 5 or 10 minutes long, always stopping before the dog zones out. Follow all lessons with play-time, to help dog release any excitements and to help dog further get idea "lessons are fun"
    You can repeat the lessons a few times a day, but keep the lessons short, at first.

    We just reward the dog for correct moves,
    and silently ignore wrong moves. My particular dog seems to do best when i am very enthusiastic about his correct moves, my dog is conceited. :rolleyes: He loooooves tons of enthusiastic praise, THAT really motivates him to stay at it.
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    another thing, if your dog is beginning to zone out, Jean, the site admin here, taught me that moving the lessons to new area,
    can perk up your dog again. Like move to different room, or outdoors. That does work, too.

    why do you say your dog can't learn tricks?? What does she do?
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    I think the original poster meant, "there's never too much she CAN learn" ;)
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    OHhhhh!! i'm so embarrassed! lol!!:ROFLMAO:

    sorry i misunderstood!! i DO know some ppl who truly believe "their" dog can not learn tricks, is maybe why i misunderstood!!:rolleyes:
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    Hi and welcome!! You will find a lot of inspiration on here;)
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    Hello and WELCOME!!!! LOVE your dog!!!! It would be GREAT to see some more pics of that beauty!!!!:LOL: Wow, she is stunning.:D
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