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I am retired and have two 50 lb mixed breed dogs--Joy and Scamp. Today on our walk I met some firemen in a school parking lot and Scamp showed them how he could stop, drop and roll. He did it perfectly 3 times with no treats for a reward. I was so proud of him!! I asked if they could use him for demonstrations when they went out to schools to teach children fire safety. They said yes and asked if I could teach him to crawl and to cover his face. So I need your help on both of those tricks. I like to use shaping which is what I used to teach him to roll and to shake. I want to use shaping to teach all of his tricks.:cool:


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Hi and welcome to DTA!
Awesome that the firemen want to use your dog!!
Can't help you on the cover your face... Since I am having a terrible time teaching it to my dogs:confused: They just don't seem to get it.

I would use luring for the crawl. Have your dog in a down position and hold a treat in front of his nose. Then move it slowly away from him, real slow, to prevent him from getting up, and click and treat for any movement forward.


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I wouldn't know how to shape cover you face cause I only use luring but this is how I taught my dog to cover her face I put tape on her nose and clicked every time she tried to get it off once the dog gets it add the cue after a few times of using the cue remove the tape and give the command. To get him to leave his paw on his face longer don't click right when he covers his face wait a second than click slowly increase to the time you have him cover his face. Hope this helps.


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Welcome!!!! That is awesome that firemen want to use your dog in a demo!!!!!!!!:D I used the same method as Anneke for crawl, and the same method as southerngirl for ashamed/cover your eyes.:)


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Welcome to the DTA!

I used luring to teach crawl too. 3 of my dogs do this. Oliver even crawls backwards! but I didn't use luring for that one... he just kinda offered the behaviour and I went with it LOL.

I also use shaping as much as possible, especially with Mouse who goes OCD when food is infront of her LOL. I thought she was kinda dumb, until I stopped luring and made her use her brain... now I've figured out I have quite a little smartie pants!


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Welcome to the forum and have fun.
Educational dog in fire department ... Why don't they do stuff like this here in Belgium ??
Ah well, hope we can help you with these tricks.


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WELCOME!! How fun that your dog will help educate children!! Marvelous!!!!!!!!!!

for cover you face, maybe this will help you? For the school children, you could teach your dog to do this to cue word "fire"?