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    Miss Piper is now 10 months old at 23 inches tall and ? pounds. Getting her weighed this weekend. But the last time we weighed her she was 4 months old and weighed 40 pounds. She turns 11 months on February 28.
    I was wondering if I could start taking her on runs. I would slowly work up to running four miles. I would run with her every other day and I would run 1 mile for let's say 30 seconds and walk for 60 seconds and after 2 weeks run for 35 seconds an walk for 55 seconds and so on. So we would not run constantly the whole time to began with we would slowly work to running the whole time. Plus my run is probably a fast walk or trot to Piper.
    Here is a website saying when a dog is almost 12 months they can go on runs.
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    I had started a similar running program with Brody when he was about 8 months. I am much older than you, Danielle, and I'm sure I run a lot slower! She will be well past her 12 month milestone before you are doing any continuous running, so you will probably be fine. You might as well ask the vet when you get her weighed though, just to be safe.
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    Thank you B'smom for your reply and will ask the vet on her opinion.

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