Rottie Mom


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Hi I'm Paula and I am proudly owned by 3 Rottweilers xena who's 7 and my first ever rottie, she had a litter of puppies 3 yrs ago, which I kept 2, Kai my boy and willow my girl, I currently show them and they are doing real well! I want to do more with the dogs and train them whilst having them enjoy themselves!!!!


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Hi and Welcome!!!!!!!!:) Your three Rottweilers sounds gorgeous, please post pics, as we all adore pics of the doggies.

Any questions, just start a thread, everyone here is very friendly and you'll get loads of help.

Do you use a clicker? They really are the best way to train.:) Having fun is very important while training, dogs need to enjoy their lessons, not think they're at boot camp. So happy you feel that way about your doggies.:)