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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by posie, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. posie New Member

    hi I am maddie.
    I am eleven years old and I love dogs! I have a king Charles caviler spanile called rosie she is a beautiful dog with a wonderful aditude she is two years old and her birthday is the day after mine(1st of febuary ) i love her heaps and wish she could live forever I am hope'n ta learn lots of new tricks and meet lots of other dog lovers!I think that dogs are a mans ( or womens) best friend ! I hope that you write to me or type to me
    maddie and rosie!:msnparty: :dognowink: :dogrolleyes: :dogclosedeyes: :dogtongue: :dogtongue2:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi! :welcome: to the Academy!

    I wish you TONS of fun training your dog and I hope that you write back on what you've trained! :dogsmile:
  3. emmasmamma Guest

    Welcome! You might want to check out "Cavalier's" profile. He has a King Charles Cavalier named Tucker. He also has a video in one of the forums that could be very inspirational to you! Happy Training!
  4. trixare4kids New Member

    Welcome to the board, I'm new here too.
  5. lizdon New Member

    Hi Maddie,
    I am new also, and I have a new cavalier, my first dog :) I am 51, and always wanted a puppy, but always worked alot of hours and couldn't be home for one, so chose cats instead. I am happy to say, I love being a dog owner, she (princess fiona) has made me a very happy person, and I love spending my days with her. She is only 10 weeks old, and I have taught her a few basic tricks, and she is house trained, and I am researching new tricks, and thinking about going to puppy school, lol. I look forward to hearing what you will be teaching your dog.

  6. charlie palmer New Member

    hi maddie
    i am chloe and my dog is charlie
  7. posie New Member

    wow thanks every body for you coments !

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